Tuesday, November 11, 2008

A brand-spanking new award

Well, after a good day yesterday, I am sitting here sick again today. With fever. So I've had some time on my hands, as you can imagine. Not stamping time, sadly. And I haven't felt up to photographing the third Gessoed Acrylic Tag card I made (whew! you say! lol), and I remembered I needed to pass on the "I Love You(r) Blog Autumn 2008" award I had gotten not too long ago.

Only it's November. Now, here in Texas we're still having Indian Summer. But for some of you winter has already started (and for those of you Down Under it's almost summertime!). So I decided I would create my own award and send around -- the Sparkling Blogger 2008 award.

What I want the awardees to do, once you get it, is to pass it on to five other people and THEN post a favorite Christmas/winter recipe (I'm not being PC about Christmas -- I firmly hold to the "First five letters of Christmas are CHRIST" thing, but you might have a winter recipe you'd like to share that has nothing to do with Christmas). Please link back to the blog of the person who sent the award to you (which in this case would be me) so I can see your wonderful recipes!

Now, I'm going to award this to six people ...

Card Art, Etc. -- Shirley Ross
Stamp-a-Latte -- Leonie Schroder
Stampelicious -- Barb Hardeman
Technostamper -- Mary Jo Price-Williams
Blessings on Paper -- Christi Milliken
One American Dreamer -- Ora Lea

Please check out their websites! And, please, I know some of you "out there" read my blog and I don't know if you even have a blog or not, so please leave me a comment with your blog URL in it so I can check YOUR blog out, okay? Blog, blog, blog. What a weird word.

Our next door neighbors are having their Christmas lights strung as I type. Don't y'all think it's a bit early? Well, maybe not as long as they don't turn them on before Black Friday. I really love Christmas, but I get burned out pretty easily if they start it too soon.

Whoa ... the NWS just issued a tornado warning for an area just east of here!! In November!! Thank heavens it's moving northeast, not coming this direction. One of my favorite shows right now is Storm Chasers ... and one of the reasons I love it is that I'm watching it when it's NOT tornado season.

Anyway, I'm not going to post a recipe right now because I'm sick and don't feel like going to look one up. Please remind me and I'll find one later.

Okay, so I'd appreciate prayer about this stupid health issue of mine (I'm being serious here). And hopefully I'll feel better tomorrow and can do something crafty.

Catch ya later ...


stampmonkey said...

You poor girl, sick again! ;( I think you need to place an order for some new sinus passages...if it were only possible. I hope your fever has left you and that you're feeling better today.

How cool that you made up your own award! Have you figured out a way to repair the "I love you blog" award yet? I'd love to see someone do that! ;) Thanks so much for honoring me with your sparkling award, Stacy! I need to get dinner going, but maybe later tonight I can dig out one of my favorite Christmas recipes. Looking forward to seeing yours too -- I am a huge recipe/cookbook collector...even more than stamps! lol

Sending up some prayers. Feel better, okay?!

Anonymous said...

I hope you feel better soon. My blog is
I haven't posted pictures in awhile because I am using hubby's computer until mine is fixed and I haven't been able to load my photosmart CD on there yet.


stampmonkey said...

Hey there! Hope you had a wonderful Christmas and are starting off feeling WELL in this new year! I FINALLY got back to my much-neglected blog yesterday and posted your award with a yummy recipe. Just thought I'd let ya know in case you wanted to try out the recipe. ;)

Many blessings!