Sunday, November 16, 2008

Chocolate Kiwi Kisses

Oh, wait, that sounded ... rather more dreamy than the reality. What it's referring to is the colors in the card I have to show you today:

I woke up the other morning with this idea in my head, only the colors I was thinking in were more pink and green. But, thought I, pink and green are far too springy for this time of year here in the US. And I have been on a pink-n-green binge before, many moons ago, and wasn't in a hurry to revisit those colors. So I first thought blue and brown, but I've done that recently, too, so I thought I'd revisit the sorta retro-ish '70s green and brown that has become popular again. (Someone please tell me why we have to revisit the '70s? I've been there, done that, got the t-shirt and the scars from jr. high school, and really, really don't need to go back there again!)

SO, in the interest of time (since we're about to have dinner and watch a Blue Man Group DVD), here are the ingredients as best I can recall:
SU's "Fresh Cuts" stamp set
SU CS -- Whisper White, Kiwi Kiss and Chocolate Chip
SU inks -- Kiwi Kiss and Chocolate Chip Classics; Choc. Chip and White Crafts
Cuttlebug words folder
Corner punch (EK Success)
Ribbon -- SU Choc. grosgrain; olive grosgrain (unknown)
Technique: Cuttlebug Highlights (TJ)

Oh, speaking of techniques, I need to let y'all know I've been calling the tech I've been showing you with the acrylic tags the wrong thing. It's actually called "Glimmer Mist Chips" and it's a Technique Junkies tech.

So ... yeah, the card is a little ... green around the gills, but hopefully in a good way.

I felt better most of the day, until I took a nap, which, for some reason, was a huge mistake. You ever have one of those naps that's, like, NOT a restful nap, but you wake up feeling like you were run over by the UPS truck and they didn't leave you a package with goodies in it? lol Yeah, that was the nap today. Oh, well. I'm still very grateful that I not only felt up for church this morning, but really enjoyed going and singing and being a part. I'm such a stage junkie it's pathetic! I mean, yes, I'm there to lift God up and make HIM the focus, bring others to worship Him. But I will admit I love being up there and singing and getting to use the talent He has given me. I just wish we were more of a "rocker" church. Oh, well. Nothing wrong with calmer worship!

Okay, we've started the show, and it's hard to blog and pay attention to the DVD at the same time. It is, I will let you know, pretty awesome so far!

More later, if I can scrounge up some mojo ... wasn't happening in great gobs today.

Peace out ;-)

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