Thursday, November 27, 2008

I'm Thankful

So by the time anybody reads this Thanksgiving will probably be over, but I thought I'd take a minute to list just a few of the things I'm thankful for:

My family. This includes first and foremost my husband and son, who are the most wonderful guys in the whole world (even when they aren't acting like it) and whom I love with every fiber of my being.

Family also includes my parents, who are just the best parents ever and who I am so blessed to live so close to! I'm very thankful for the priceless Christian heritage they have given me, and continue to give me every day of my life.

My home. It's not perfect, it's not my "dream home", but I love my home because it's right for me now, it's where the good things happen, where the love is, and it is a direct gift from God (even though He still is requiring us to pay the mortgage! lol).

My church. Again, it's not perfect, but it's full of people who love Jesus, who understand the whole concept of "we're all in process", and it's got such an awesome pastor who really makes so many of the tough concepts at the very least "not so tough."

My son's school. Praise God for such an amazing Christian school that not only is shaping him spiritually, but really feeds his intellect, as well, which is really important with this kid, given the brain he's got and the things he's interested in. And praise God my parents can afford to help us on the tuition!

The rest of my family, including my in-laws. I'm truly blessed to have people I can truly say I love as my family members. We don't all think alike or see the world from the same point of view, but that has never caused rifts or serious problems and we can respect the differences and keep on loving each other!

My gifts and talents. I'm so grateful God has given me a voice to sing with! That's my "favorite" talent. But I also LOVE writing, and I'm also grateful that He's allowed me to have a somewhat creative talent in the area of stamping and scrapping. I may not be as good as the "gurus", but at least I enjoy it and my recipients seem to like getting the stuff I make them!

And very, very most of all -- I'm so thankful for my savior, Jesus Christ. Without Him and His salvation, none of the rest would have as much meaning. Without Him I'm not even sure I would still be here. Without Him and His grace and mercy, I would be the worst mess ever. There's no way I can fully express all the reasons I'm thankful for and to Him, but He knows my heart, and He knows that this screwed up girl with some heavy baggage is so, so grateful that He has saved me, not only for eternity and Heaven, but from myself, from my past hurts and scars, and for whatever wonderful things He has for me in my future. (Now if only I could keep that in mind every moment of every day!)

I hope all you US people had a very wonderful Thanksgiving Day. And if you're going out (or have gone out) for Black Friday, PLEASE try to keep in mind the REAL Reason for Christmas -- which you can find in the first five letters of the word.

Now, I will end this post with a couple of pictures my husband took yesterday when he and Aidan went down to the Maritime Museum in San Diego and went aboard a Soviet-era B39 submarine that was parked next to a late 1700s era sailing ship, which was near a replica Chinese Junk that had been built in China recently and sailed across the Pacific to the U.S. and which is going back, via Hawaii, in a couple of days.

Clash of the Centuries -- HMS Surprise (a replica small British frigate from the late 1700s which appeared in the movie "Master and Commander") and a USSR B39-class submarine. Note the teenager crawling through a portal to the lower right of the picture ;-)

You have to be able to fit through this portal to go through the submarine. Aidan clearly has no problem!

I tried to find a good picture of Aidan with the junk, but the only ones with him in didn't show the junk well. So here's the Chinese junk sans anybody I know.

Okay, now we're looking at old family films from when Bjorn was a kid. So I've gotta run (boy, was he cute!).

Behave yourselves on Black Friday -- and if you're not in the U.S., behave yourselves, anyway!

Blessings to all!

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