Sunday, November 09, 2008

I've been a Deadbeat ...

In more ways than one. Mainly my title refers to the card I made with strictly Deadbeat Designs stamps. And, also, I've been sick again with the sinus thing, aggravated by some minor asthma. I'm about ready to give up, but I think I'll call my allergy doc first, see what he says. I love living in Central Texas, but it being the Allergy Capital of the US, this is not good for me!

Okay, on to the card. Here is what I made much earlier in the week. I would have posted it then, but I took the card over to show to my parents and my visiting aunt, and it just sorta ended up staying over there. I finally got it back today to photograph, and now you can see it!

Okay, I have to admit to you that I LOVE the way this card turned out. It took some trial and error and perseverance (and a liberal sprinkling of help from the ultimate Creator!), but in the end it really turned out well. I used Mary Jo's Technostamper sketch for this week.

I started out by making a Gesso Acrylic tag. Actually, you don't make the acrylic tag, you buy those, but you do paint the gesso on it. This was the Splitcoast technique that came out this week, and, lucky for me, I had some acrylic tags I had bought years ago at a scrapbooking convention and had never used. They were various shades of blue, and I didn't really know what to do with them, other than stamp on them with Staz-On, and the notion had never struck me. So I got them all out and painted them with gesso, then sprayed them with various shimmer sprays (for this one I used a couple of existing shimmer sprays -- Lemon Zest and Oriental Poppy Glimmer Mists from Tattered Angels (I just looked at their website and these people have a zillion colors! I sense an upcoming boost in the economy from my wallet ...), Oriental Bamboo Radiant Rain (from Luminarte, the Twinkling H20s people -- the only thing I don't like about Radiant Rain mists is that some of them really smell bad, especially when you heat dry them), and then I made my own Really Rust shimmer mist by adding RR reinker to water and putting in a small scoopful (probably about a 1/4 teaspoon) of Micro Pearl Pearl Ex and shaking it up. You're supposed to heat-dry the shimmer sprays after you spray them on, but you have to be careful not to make the gesso bubble up.

Then I stamped the "Texas Tag" with black Staz-On and let that dry, then embossed the edges with copper EP. Easy as pie! (Well, note to self ... using Versamark is so much easier than using sticky strip on the edges to emboss with!)

Then I stamped the "Texas Background" several times (using my Stamp-a-ma-jig to line it up) on kraft CS with Really Rust ink, and overstamped that with one of the Western Swirls, and inked the edges with Really Rust and Chocolate Chip. Then, because I decided it looked dull, I spritzed lightly over the whole thing with the Really Rust shimmer spray I'd made.

I used a piece of Coffee-aged paper I'd done awhile back and made the pennant/ribbon piece, stamping it in black archival ink with both left and right Western Swirls, then mounted the tag over a black mat on top of the whole thing.

I have some other Gesso Acrylic Shimmer Spray tag thingies I made this week, and one card that's almost finished. If I can get to feeling better I am DYING to get up there and play with them! I also ordered some new tags to play with ... do y'all do that, too, get so caught up in a new technique that you just do a hundred things with it, and then most of them end up in the "unfinished projects" file? Oh, well, I guess that means there's always something I could be doing, even if I don't feel like stamping. (Don't feel like stamping? I didn't say that!)

We drove up to Salado last night to see "The Foreigner" at the Silver Spur playhouse. It was hysterical! I didn't even remember I felt bad the whole time the play was in progress. Bjorn and I had seen it before -- twice -- when we lived near Denver, but that was before Aidan was born. We remembered it was funny, but I think we'd both forgotten how funny. Aidan loved it. We were all just about rolling in the floor. I love a good play. Theater is so much better than movies sometimes -- it's just fun to be there with live actors (especially in a smaller theater), there's just this sort-of interaction between the actors and the audience. Not necessarily overt, but they get energy from a good audience, and the audience, of course, really can get great entertainment from a great cast and a play well done.

I also discovered that Salado is not as far away as I thought. And they have a GREAT stamping store, from what I've heard (Stamp Salado). So I may have to hie myself up there one of these days. Maybe when Aidan's school has some kind of "thing" going on in the morning. His school is almost halfway there from my house, so I could run up to Salado after the "thing", shop for awhile and then pick him up afterwards. Could be FUN!!! And I know that store carries a whole lot of the Deadbeat Designs line -- the guy that IS Deadbeat Designs lives right there in Salado. (BTW, it's pronounced so that it rhymes with "tornado" -- "sa-lay-do" NOT "sa-lah-do" -- Bjorn kept saying it the wrong way yesterday and it nearly drove me crazy!)

Hope y'all have a good start to your week!


MJ said...

Very very cool, I will have to try this technique. Love it. Thanks so much for playing along.

Anonymous said...

This is a beautiful card! I think it is the best of the Challenge 42 cards for Mary Jo Williams blog. Where did you get the large Texas background stamp? That is really cool! My sister was born in SanAntonio and we lived in Texas for several years.

Judy Jackson
judystamper at verizon dot net

njburk said...

Very nice card! What a wonderful stamp=----wonder if there is one for each state in the US?!

Great job! Nola

Stacy said...

Thanks, everyone! Nola, someone else might have one for every state, but Deadbeat Designs is a very Texas-oriented stamp company, so they only have state-specific stuff for Texas, although they do have other non-Texas stamps.

If you want a catalog from them (they don't have an online store yet), you can get one by sending $5 to:
Deadbeat Designs
P.O. Box 844
Salado, TX 76571

Their FAX # is 254-947-8838

Hope y'all will give 'em the business! Uh ... give 'em SOME business! ;-)

mark said...

just stumbled across your blog - nice card! thanks for using my stamps!

Stacy said...

Hey, Mark, glad you liked it! It is definitely a pleasure to use your stamps!