Thursday, November 13, 2008

A new challenge group for Christian Crafters!

Hey, everybody! I am really excited ... I've decided to start a group over at Paper Craft Planet called "SHINE - Christian Crafting Challenge". It will be a place for Christian papercrafters to hang out and enjoy talking about our crafting and our faith, and there will be weekly challenges each Friday relating to integrating our faith and our crafting. I'm a little scared because I've never done anything like this before (essentially I'll be a moderator!), but I'm really excited, too, because I know there are a lot of Christians in the paper crafting world, and it'll be fun to come up with challenges each week to get our creative juices flowing and our spirits lifted. So if you're interested, come on over to Paper Craft Planet, join up, then (as soon as my group shows up in the "Groups" section, which will probably be Friday, Nov. 14) come and join the group!

If I'm allowed to go outside PCP, I may try to expand the challenge so I can offer it on my blog (here), too.

So I will show you another altered CD today:

Mainly this one is a variation on the one I showed yesterday. Doesn't this one look kinda like a turkey though? lol I promise they aren't all just variations on this color/paper/etc. theme.

Well, dang it, I had someone unsubscribe from my blog today. I know that's bound to happen sometimes, I just wish I knew exactly why. The reasoning was "content no longer relevant", but I wish I knew what exactly that meant in this case ... I haven't changed my content over the last ... well, ever, really, as far as I know. It's still stamping-focused. I guess maybe I'm not posting as often as I should? Or maybe because I'm not an SU demo anymore? (Although that was waaaaay back in April.) Hmmm. If I knew, then I'd know if there was a problem I needed to work on. Oh, well. I just hate feeling like maybe I've offended someone or bored them to death.

Anyway, this has been a really long day, so I think I'm gonna go check on a few things and then head off to bed. Hope you all have a terrific Friday (or whatever day it is when you read this!)

Blessings to all!

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