Wednesday, November 19, 2008

No pics today, but a very kewl link

(Does anybody even use the word "kewl" anymore? At least I know some current teen-speak, like "owned to the face", which my son is now using to mean "Dude, I totally kicked your ***." Somewhere down the line we lost "pwned" -- pronounced "poned" -- which some enterprising young person thought up when "owned" wasn't strong enough. I had finally learned to use it, and now it's passe. Figures. Think I'll stick with "cool" and "that ROCKS!!" lol)

Okay, I have a very ... um ... COOL link for you today. Found it at Splitcoast, and it is to a blog where the blogger-chick has done a Mythbusters style (sorta) video on whether or not you can really use a soda can to sharpen your dull punches. The link is here. I thought it would've been ... COOL ... if she would have also included testing whether tinfoil alone or wax paper alone or any other rumored-to-work method actually worked (in TRUE Mythbusters style), but she didn't do that on this episode. I can tell you that foil does NOT work on a dull SU Scallop Edge punch. For some reason mine came dull, so when I get a chance I'm going to try the soda can thing on my Scallop Edge and see if it will finally stop giving me fuzzy edges.

So, anyway, that's all I have today. Hopefully I can get into the loft and make my brain/mojo work tomorrow and it will all be good.


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