Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Paper Craft Planet invite and an altered Christmas CD

I have done nothing useful today. Nothing. Well, except I did do some writing on my story (which, in reading it back seems incredibly boring). I am feeling somewhat better, but mainly just tired. Bjorn, Aidan and I are currently watching a 1979 Disney movie called "Black Hole" that is incredibly stupid and boring, even if it does have Anthony Hopkins and Maximillian Schell in it. We tend to watch a lot of stupid movies. Fortunately, lots of them are funny stupid. We usually turn off the stupid-stupid ones before they get too far, but I think Aidan and Bjorn are actually enjoying this one, God help them. Oh, by crikey, this has got to be the STUPIDEST yet! (We just came to the going through hell, then heaven and coming out the back side bit ... do NOT watch this movie unless you really like making fun of movies!) Oh, okay, Bjorn and Aidan are totally making fun of it now. And now Bjorn is initiating a discussion on why this movie is an Epic Fail and why Star Wars worked. Prof. A's Cinema 101. ;-)

So, I wanted to introduce y'all to a new social networking site just for paper crafters. It's called Paper Craft Planet, and you can find a link for it in my sidebar. I'm not much of a social networker, but this is looking like a fun place, and so far everybody I've met there is very nice. You can join all kinds of groups that have to do with your favorite stamp companies, or groups that have color challenges or sketch challenges ... all kinds of good stuff. So take a hop on over and check it out!

Okay, now on to the altered CD.

I made six of these, all different, a few years ago as Christmas "cards" for the ladies who were in my online SU monthly club (I was a demo then). It was my way of thanking them for being such good, loyal members. I really have no recollection of where the stamp came from, or the paper, and the ribbon and trim mostly came from a lady from my son's school who made (well, still makes) drapes and window coverings as a business. I was helping her out one day a week doing ironing and piecing and things like that (nearly killed my back and knees!), and she gave me a bag full of great scraps, most of which were the perfect colors for Christmas. So I had fun digging through and using bits on the CDs. I don't think I've made another single altered CD since ... don't really know why! I've been saving those AOL CDs and other ones from around here that have gone bad ("When Good CDs Go Bad ... tonight at 11"). I just need to dig them out and do some playing! Especially now that I am into GESSO!

Hope you enjoyed that, and I also hope I'll see you around at Paper Craft Planet!

Correction: I do know that I used an SU stamp for the big treble clef. Forgot the name of the set, though. (Nah, me forget?)

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