Saturday, November 22, 2008

Thankful for you all!

So next Thursday is Thanksgiving here in the US, and since I don't have your snail-mail addresses, I'll just post my Thanksgiving card to you right here. Yes, it's early, but we'll be leaving for San Diego tomorrow morning and I won't have access to my photo files:

In all honesty, I made this card last year, so I remember very little about the manufacturer deets. But I truly have thankful thoughts when I think of you all, whether you're a subscriber or you just happen to come here from time to time, or whatever. It's just nice to know that there are people "out there" who are interested in my crafting and in the little bits of my life I share with you! And when I hear from you, that's just so awesome because I love having that connection with my readers. So, yes, I'm thankful that I can connect with such interesting and wonderful people from around the world!

Okay, so, yeah, tomorrow morning we leave for San Diego to visit my husband's brother's family. Our flight leaves at nearly 8am, which means that we have to leave the house at 5am to get to the airport and deal with lines, etc. Which means we have to get up at somewhere around 4:30am. And I am NOT a "wee hours" person by any stretch of the imagination. All I can say is "YAAAAAWWWWNNNNN ...ZZZZZZZ". I think if I can just get everything ready and go to bed at a decent hour (like, 9pm) it will all be okay. Yes. I am telling myself this over and over and over ... lol

I remember a couple of years ago when we did this (same destination, pretty much same time of day but maybe different day of the week?) we were so proud of ourselves for getting such an early flight so we could avoid the horrible crowds we just knew were going to be there later in the day ... and there were THOUSANDS of people there in line ahead of us when we got to the airport and our airline's counters! We were floored! And we were running late, too, so talk about stress! It all turned out alright, but I think I learned to NEVER think you're ahead of the game when it comes to airport travel!

In all honesty I am really looking forward to this trip. Last week when I was sick/just not feeling well I was totally dreading it. Especially since I have such a history of falling apart physically whenever I'm around my in-laws. They're all such strong Norwegian people (even when they're sick) and I always feel like they think I'm such a wuss, even though we all love each other. So that's always such a huge stressor for me. But I realized a few days ago that part of my problem lately has been that I had upped my dose of my anti-migraine med, and that was making me feel like I was walking around pushing a brick wall and having bees in my head making things fuzzy. SO I went back down to the dose I had been on, and am happily feeling much better. So as long as I don't get plain old SICK, or get a migraine ...

Anyway, I love San Diego, and my SIL and BIL (and their nearly 4-yr-old twins) live close to a beach, so I'm planning on spending some serious time just hanging out there at least one of the days. I need a break.

I don't know how much blogging I'll do next week. It probably won't contain much stamping stuff, since my files are all on an external hard drive that we'll be leaving here with my dad. Maybe I'll find some kewl (uh, COOL) links for y'all or something. Or maybe just post pics of the trip. Or maybe just pretend like nothing exists outside my little beach world! lol At any rate, I hope all my US readers have a wonderful Thanksgiving and that the rest of you just have a plain ol' wonderful week!

Blessings to each and every one of you! (Oh, and if you wouldn't mind, would you PLEASE pray that we all stay healthy while we're on this trip -- and safe -- and that it's just a lovely, fun visit? It would be a first in a long while!)

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