Monday, November 10, 2008

Totally, abso-flamin'-lutely crash hot!

I got the most fan-bloody-tastic thing in the mail today! It came all the way from the Godzone (New Zealand, for those of you who may not have been enlightened yet), and I have had a blast reading it and taking notes of my favorite phrases ... this is it:

I love Kiwis, I have to admit it (as if I haven't before). They seem so laid-back and, well, I don't know ... they don't seem to take life as danged seriously as we Americans do. I may be wrong, but it sure seems that way.

So, anyway, here are some of my favorite "NuZild" bits from the book (there are others I've gleaned from the Internet, but I'll limit this list to the book):
"Haven't seen you in yonks!" -- yonks being "ages"
"Rough as guts" -- can either mean something is difficult, or ugly.
"You can take it for a blat, just don't prang it." -- "You can take it [a car] for a spin, just don't bang it up."
"He's a kumara short of a hangi." This can also be said as, "He's one log short of a barbie," or "He's one sammie short of a picnic." We would say, "He's one fry short of a happy meal." A kumara is a kind of sweet potato, and a hangi is a kind of pit oven in the ground.

So there ya go, mates. A few sayings in Kiwi Speak for your reading pleasure. It's much more fun the HEAR the phrases spoken, though.

I have a card to show you that I finished a few days ago, just had to let some glue dry for a few DAYS. Yes, days. Don't know what was up with that, but it took awhile. I "pounced" some glue from the Glue Pad in a few places and put some little teensy glass beads on the card, and it took a couple of days for the beads to be set enough that most of them didn't fall off. Anyway, here's the card:

Told you there'd be more Gessoed Acrylic Tags in your future, didn't I? Mwuhahahahaha! So I totally love this one, with the dark teal and blue. So oceany, y'know? So ... mysterious and and stormy and all that good ship stuff that I love. Now, I wasn't as thrilled with how the "backdrop" to the tag turned out, but after I added the bead "spindrift" (aka "foam" or "spume") to the card, I liked it better.

The tag uses Guatemalan Green Radiant Rain (it's a teal color), as well as my own Pacific Point (SU) shimmer mist concoction. Stamped on, of course, with Staz-on (black). The stamp is an OLDIE from SU (the Schooner set -- one of my very first SU sets from, like, 1999). I embossed the sides of the tag with Australian Opals "Daintree" color. (Opals are like UTEE only much classier -- and a lot more expensive. If it wasn't for my Aussie friend Leonie I wouldn't have any -- she gave me some small jars as a gift. THANK YOU, Leonie!!)

The DP is all from the "Sea Glass" paper pad by K & Co. In fact, it's all from one sheet -- I used the front AND back designs! I got the beads at JoAnn years ago. The CS card base is SU Not Quite Navy. I think. Either that or Blue Bayou. Sad that I can't remember from a few days ago what I used. (No, I'm not in the loft right now to check.) I'm blaming it on Topamax brain fog.

I finished another card last night, and I will show you that one next time. I worked on yet a different one today, but didn't get it finished. I know I should be making Thanksgiving and Christmas cards with which to inspire y'all, but I've already done mine, and I'm honestly already sick of both holidays! At least as far as card making goes. Tell ya what, if I remember (and we all know how dodgy that is), I'll show you some of the altered CDs I made for special Christmas "cards" a couple of years ago.

Hey, before I go, I want to direct you to the coolest website ... it's called Kuler (I'm assuming that's pronounced like "Color", and it has all kinds of totally "crash hot" color combos from which to garner inspiration. One of the blogs I follow had a link to it today, and I went there and "wasted" tons of time selecting and saving favorite color combos. I think you can make your own, too. Anyway, you've got to go check it out.

Okay, I will go now and ... um, I guess it's time to get ready for bed. Fought some of the "teenager" wars today, and I think I might have won ... although we all know that "winning" the teenager wars doesn't really happen (if at all) until loooooong after they're no longer teenagers. I think I won a battle, though. Which means that, really, he won, too. He just doesn't know it yet!

Welp, cheers, mates! Catch ya later!

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