Monday, December 22, 2008

Christmastime is here ... caroling and cheer ...

Remember that from "A Charlie Brown Christmas"? I LOVE that album! My childhood Christmases were permeated with various TV specials, and one of the few I could stand was "A Charlie Brown Christmas". "Rudolf" and "Frosty" were waaaaaay too stressful for me. Tear jerkers, those. So I much preferred the relative safety of Charlie and Linus and Snoopy, et al. Anyway, that was totally random, really, just me trying to think of a title for the post.

I know I've not been incredibly faithful at blogging of late. Partly it's due to the yearly chronic sinus thing. (At the moment I'm feeling alright ... at the moment.) Partly it's because, even though I'm finally in the Christmas spirit, I am rather tired of Christmas cards, so I haven't been real "up" on making any of those for your inspiration. And partly it's because my mojo is playing hide-and-seek with me. I made a beautiful frame mat for my mother for Christmas (haven't photographed it yet), but I can't seem to just go up and play. That stinks.

So, since I don't have anything crafty to show you, I'll show you a few Christmas tree type photos. The first is of our tree this year with Aidan standing triumphantly next to it, having helped his dad put the tree together (you don't seriously think a sinus-infection-ridden/allergy-tormented person like me is going to have a REAL tree, do you?), and after we'd decorated it. I did go back the next day and shift a few things around, but the bottom is intentionally a bit sparse on the decorations, since we have two kitties. Our tree is on a platform we make every year by setting three cinderblocks on end (not on each other, but each on the floor), then putting a circle of thick plywood on top of that. This is because we bought our tree when we lived in Arizona, and our living room had a much lower ceiling there. Here, we have the sloped two-story ceiling, and a 6-foot tree looks a little, um, small beneath it, so we elevate it a little more than a foot. We put a round blue tablecloth over the circle and cinderblocks, then put my very special Nativity tree skirt over that (covering the tree's "feet").
(Yes, I know the star on top is crooked, but we did fix it!)

Then I'll just show you a couple of my favorite ornaments. I took these pictures two years ago, but, of course, since we hang the same ornaments year after year, nothing has changed since then except probably their location on the tree.

This is a British Telecom phone card from the year Bjorn and I met in London, where we were both doing a semester abroad. We saved the Christmas-themed ones, and they were some of our very first Christmas ornaments after we got married.

This Celtic cross is made of compressed Irish turf! I bought it at the gift shop at Drumcliff church in County Sligo, Ireland when we were there in 2000. I got an Irish turf angel ornament, too. Too bad they don't have the wonderful, sweet smell of the turf before it's compressed!

A Waterford Crystal train my parents gave Aidan when he was little. He was obsessed with trains, and I was obsessed with Ireland, so it was a perfect combination!

And, of course, the real reason for Christmas:

This Jesus fish is made from olive wood from Israel.

So I just realized that I didn't take NEARLY enough pictures ... and there have definitely been additions in two years. So I need to get in there and take a few more photos! That's all for tonight, though. Aidan is calling me to come do bedtime prayer with him, and I'm getting pretty tired myself, so I will call it a "blog" and head off for bed. And hopefully I will have more postings before Christmas Day!

Hang in there! And try to keep the true Spirit of the season at the forefront!

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