Friday, January 02, 2009

2009 IS HERE!!

[This was supposed to have been posted on Jan. 1, but we had firewall problems, so it is getting posted on the 2nd instead ...]

Well, it's finally here -- the new (and hopefully much improved) year. I think for many of us 2008 was a bit rough. I know in my family, as in so many others, we left the year with fewer members than we started with (my grandmother), so I'm praying for all of us that we leave 2009 with exactly as many people as we went into it with (or more, if you're looking for a new little one in your family!). Nonetheless, we were still blessed in so many ways, and God proved so many times that He is always with us, never leaving nor forsaking us, loving us all the way through good and bad.

My New Years Resolutions (so far, lol):
1) Get myself and my family on a healthy eating plan. Hopefully for Bjorn and me that will involve losing weight. Hopefully for Aidan that will include actually eating vegetables.

2) Putting myself on a financial diet. My craft loft is SOOOOO full of things that I haven't even used yet it's ridiculous. It's time to start using and stop shopping. And that will be hard (especially the "stop shopping" bit). So I'm going to try ... no, I'm GOING TO spend much less this year and use what I've already got!

3) Scrapbook more. In fact, I'm calling this "The Year of the Scrapbook" (although it will really be several scrapbooks, since I do the Stacy Julian method of scrapping in categories instead of chronological). I'll still make cards and other stuff, but I'm really going to try to focus on scrapping this year. There -- I said it in public, so I hope y'all will hold me to it!

So, I've started the New Year off right in at least some ways. I can't say that I got on any sort of "healthy eating plan" yet. But I did eat my blackeyed peas for prosperity (if you're not from the South, you won't get that), I washed and actually PUT AWAY the clean clothes, I cooked us a healthy dinner, and I crafted (although it was a card)! And here is the result of that labor:

This is a baby card for a couple from our church who just brought a sweet little girl in to the world a couple of weeks ago. They named her Kaylie Joy – isn’t that such a sweet, sparkly, cheerful name? I love it! Kaylie Joy’s mother and I used to work together on the Praise Team until her mother took over the Children’s Church program at our church. (She – the mom – has since resigned to focus on some other ministries she and her husband have going.) So I wanted the card to be extra special for them. I’m also going to give them a frame with a mat that I custom decorated.

We’ve had a busy week since Christmas, playing with new toys (I LOVE “Guitar Praise” -- and plunked down over $80 to buy another guitar for it so Aidan and I can jam together!), hanging out, etc. We had a houseguest for a couple of days (a friend of Bjorn’s from his job back in Phoenix), then held an impromptu New Year’s Eve party last night with just a few friends.

Hey, I read about this great charity thing on CNN online the other day (no, they’re not my favorite news source, but I do read them from time to time), and it’s so simple, and such a neat thing that I thought I would include it here. For just $30 you can help a woman in the Sudan buy a highly energy-effecient cook stove that will keep her from having to go out and look for wood as frequently as before. Looking for wood is an extremely dangerous task for these women, since it often takes up to seven hours at a time to find enough, and they become vulnerable to rape and other abuses. So read the article and if you feel led to do so, donate to this awesome cause.

BTW, you can now "Follow My Blog" over in my sidebar (if you dare!!), and there's a poll about my blog music. I'm trying to find out if y'all hate it, like it, don't want it around, etc., so please VOTE! Poll ends on Feb. 2 at midnight.

I truly do wish you all a blessed 2009!

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