Thursday, January 15, 2009

In times like these ...

I needed a sympathy/encouragement card for someone who recently went through a terrible ordeal losing several members of their family in a terrible crime. She's not someone I know personally, but someone that is a friend of someone that I know through one of my paper crafting groups. So, what kind of card do you make for someone like that, someone you don't know but whose story has touched you and you want to let them know that, someone you want to encourage to keep going in the face of such devastating events? Fortunately, this woman is a strong Christian, and has had an amazing testimony of faith throughout the parts of her story I've been able to read online. That helps! I finally went up into the craft loft last night and this is what God inspired me to make:

I pulled out a 6"x6" Basic Grey "Urban Prairie" paper pad (gosh, I love this line!), used the Mojo Monday sketch for this week, and after a couple of hours of tweaking this and adding/subtracting that, the card finally came together. I've never been one for using a lot of DP on cards, preferring to stamp and make my own background papers using techniques, mainly because I'm never sure if I'm coordinating things well, but Basic Grey (which I have always loved since their first line came out) just makes coordinating so easy! In fact, I have a confession to make ... when I was out with Aidan this afternoon looking for him a new Bible for his Bible class (his got pulverized in his locker), I ran into Archivers for a quick minute (hey, it was just around the corner from the Christian bookstore!) and indulged myself in the 12"x12" version of the Urban Prairie paper pack. I know, I know, I wasn't going to buy any new stuff but just use what I had, but I blew that anyway the other day when I ordered some swirl stencils and a few other little things online. I guess I can't declare a TOTAL moratorium -- sometimes you have to have Giant Brads, y'know? Or chipboard swirls -- but I am going to stop buying scads of stamps (I don't have any more room on my shelf for any new UM storage notebooks, so, really, that's a good enough reason to stop, right there!), and I have SCADS of paper (except the new Basic Grey lines), so I can't see buying much more than just basics like 12"x12" cardstock (I have very little of that, surprisingly -- most of what I bought was the letter-size for card making). And, of course, adhesives. My problem is that I got online to browse layout galleries in several places for inspiration, and the next thing I know I'm thinking "I need more swirls! I need those brackty-shaped-edged papers! I need giant brads! Etc.!" It's hopeless, isn't it?

I got my new SU catalog today. I've only taken one look through it, but I was kinda disappointed. Maybe that's because I'm focusing on scrapping now, but there were very few stamp sets I swooned over. So much of it just looked like, well, all the other SU stuff lately. (I'm talking about the new stuff, here. Obviously a lot of it isn't new.) I was worried I would want a lot of it and need to really budget for it, but ... not really. HOWEVER -- I do love a lot of the new papers and accessories. So that's where I'll get nickled-and-dimed. Did I say I don't need new DP? Please erase that from your memories. I do. Really. It's in the new SU catalog. So what if I already have enough DP to last through all the photos I have waiting to be scrapped AND more? I mean, a girl can never have too much DP, can she? We can always use it to wallpaper the cardboard boxes we end up living in ... (rolls eyes at self).

Well, it's getting late and I am really tired. The one-year-old grand-nephew, his mommy and his granddaddy (my brother) are coming for a weekend visit tomorrow. They'll stay at my folks' house, but we'll be spending LOTS of time over there, I'm sure! I can't wait to see him ... uh, them. From what I hear, he's a VERY busy little boy. Any of you who feel inclined to pray for strength for me and my parents, feel free to do so! You know what a one-year-old boy can do to your endurance levels!

Please keep praying for my husband, too. He's really tired and very stressed these days. Why is it the house starts to fall apart when there are already other stressors going on in life?

Hope your weekend is great!


Yankee in England said...

What a beatiful card. Great job on the sketch

Kathryn said...

Beautiful card --love the DP -- so pretty! :)