Wednesday, January 07, 2009

More deeeeeep breaths

We interrupt this blog for the following public service announcement:
Okay, people, this is very pathetic that I only have ONE "follower". I know I have subscribers, and I know there are others who read this blog at least on a semi-regular basis, so to boost my ego, would you mind going to the actual blog page to the sidebar and signing yourself up as a follower? It's not a requirement for friendship or anything, but it just looks so sad over there with just Jamie's picture. (Jamie, BTW, you ROCK!)
We now return you to regular blogging...

Well, I'm happy to report today that my DH is still employed. Yesterday things didn't look so good for that. His company laid off 1/3 of its employees, but by the grace of God that didn't happen to him. It was very, very scary there for awhile. He had to lay off his entire department (three people) which was incredibly hard for him to do. So now my sense of security has been rocked twice in just a few days. Please, God, no more drama for awhile! I know He's trying to teach me (us) to trust Him, and I'm finding out this is something I struggle with more than I care to admit.

So, these stressed-out days and the fact that I am now sick with some kind of very weird bug (no incredibly outward manifestations of anything, just a little sinus, and just a little queasy/crampy stuff going on, but nothing major), means I have done absolutely no crafting. Oh, and that resolution of mine about being more frugal? Um, yeah, let's just say that has been solidified into solid granite now. The way the economy is going, and that layoff yesterday really shook my "no worries" attitude about spending. The belt tightens ... drastically.

So, just for fun, I'm going to post a LO I may have posted waaaaaaaay back there, but couldn't find when I searched for it. The reason it came to mind was because of a post on a blog I follow about "photoblocking" (her term for it), which is kinda like colorblocking only with photos. She asked if anyone had any examples of that they'd like to share, so I posted this LO. It's two pages, and I don't feel like going in and attaching them together to post them here, so I'll post the left page first, then the right page. And, no big surprise, it's a Newsboys LO, from the concert we went to in 2006:

See? Phil is photoblocked all the way across the page (yes, I actually took those pictures, they're not from the internet!), and then I used individual frames from a movie I had filmed at the concert as a filmstrip across the middle, so that's "photoblocked", too! Ah, such talent! ;-) (Well, yeah, Phil is DEFINITELY talented, but I was referring to myself as a scrapper ... tongue in cheek, of course!)

I guess that's all I really have for today. Well, except that we did get our second Guitar Praise guitar yesterday (talk about feeling guilty for spending money, even if it WAS Christmas money!). And, of course, I feel too crummy to play. Figures. But we'll have heaps of fun with it once I'm better! Aidan can play lead and I can play bass!

Hope you're all doing well and surviving the whole stupid economy mess. Happy stampin'/scrappin'!

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Secret Dreams And Passions said...

Wanted to thank you for the great welcome at the PCP... it's a great feeling when someone at least says "HELLO".
You think you have problems, I not only have NO followers for my blog, but I haven't even had any visitors!! HAHA!! How's that for a funny!!!
Enjoy your day!!
Denise from OHio