Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Another digi page!

So what did I say last time -- that I wasn't "getting into" digi scrapping? Well, it's still true, but it's awfully handy to have a few digi kits around when you don't feel well enough to go mucking about in your craft loft and you have a deadline for a page!

Yes, I had a page due on SHINE at Paper Craft Planet on Monday morning and I was NOT feeling well over the weekend, so on Sunday afternoon I decided I would grab the laptop, lounge on the couch and whip out a digi page. Did I say "whip out?" Um, it took me about four hours, a page I could've "whipped out" in the craft loft in about an hour or so (after designing it, of course, which easily could've taken three hours, except this time I had the idea in my head when I sat down to scrap it). So, no, I am not turning into a digi scrapper. I will admit I'm having a love affair with Photoshop brushes ... so I'll have to think up lots of other ways to use them. (I actually did that on a photo last night, but you can't see the results until I finish the PAPER scrapbook LO I'm working on that includes that photo. Oh, yeah, I made my blog banner entirely with brushes, too!)

So, here is the digi-page I did on Sunday:

The theme this week is to scrap our "Life Verse" -- the Bible verse or passage that God has given us (as individuals) that guides our life, gives us a beacon to follow in dark times, etc. Obviously, the entire Bible is our guide, but sometimes there will be a verse/passage that just speaks to one's heart so strongly that you know God has "given" you that verse specifically. You can read the journaling on my page to see why Isaiah 43:1-3 is my "Life Verse" (verses, really).

Because the passage talks about not being overwhelmed when we go through "the waters," I had this image of high ocean waves as they might appear to a person in a small boat. I found some old brushes I already had loaded on my computer that were PERFECT for what I had in mind (if I had paper scrapped this, I would have used swirl stamps). Then there were other brushes that were kinda wavy, so I used those for the ocean part at the bottom, and finally I used another set of stamps with a stipple effect to get the spindrift/foam look that's behind the verses. If you really need to know the names of the brush creators I can try to find them for you. I probably have the documentation somewhere. At any rate, I didn't create them. I don't even have the first clue about creating brushes! The "paper" is from a kit I downloaded two years ago, so I would have to look up the documentation on that, too. I altered the color of it slightly so it would have a more sea-green look (I think it was originally more green.) Oh, and the "brads" were from a kit I recently downloaded called "Sun Porch". I thought it needed something "three-dimensional."

I spent five hours today at a friend's house scrapbooking! Her son and mine go to the same school, and although they aren't friends, she and I have often sat through various school events and chatted. So she decided she needed to get back to scrapping, and invited several people over to her house for a crop. It ended up being only me and her most of the time, and another lady came for awhile but had to leave early. It was really a lot of fun! Now, I had kinda stressed over what to take, since the only other times I've ever scrapped outside my own home were for classes, and then all I had to take was a paper trimmer and adhesive. Here I had to know what I was going to scrap so I could take the photos, pull the paper, pick out embellies, etc. I was up until midnight last night doing all that. But it all ended up okay, and I came out with three almost-finished pages (I'm doing the journaling and titles at home, since I didn't take my Cricut and she doesn't have anything like that, and I might add another embellie or two), and three almost-finished 6"x6" inch pages for my "Favorite Photos" album. Not bad, I'd say! She'd like to make this a monthly thing, and I think that's a great idea. I told her we could have it at my house at some point -- I have so many stamps, plus all the SU inks, several others, the Cricut, a Cuttlebug, etc., so that would be fun for them to play with. I'd have to haul it all downstairs, of course, since my loft is too small for more than one person, but it would be worth it. Plus, my house would finally actually get clean!

Okay, I'm exhausted so I'm going to go veg out now. Tomorrow will be busy, since I have to take the kid to the ortho for "banding", whatever that is (he already has his braces, so don't remember what they said this deal was), then grocery store, allergy shots and hopefully time for a quick trip to Archivers for a couple of embellies I need (I needed a matching set and I only had one half). After all that I hope to still have the energy to finish at least one of the layouts! (Technically, two of the pages belong to one layout.)

Hope you're all doing well -- and happy scrappin/stampin!

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