Monday, February 09, 2009

Another Faithbook page

So, like I promised yesterday, I'm here today with my second Faithbook layout for the project over in the SHINE group at Paper Craft Planet. This week's topic is "This is My Story" (a phrase from the chorus of a great "old" hymn called "Blessed Assurance"), and we're to tell our salvation stories, the story of how we came to "trust Jesus as our Savior and Lord" in Southern Baptist parlance. Other phraseology might be how one made the decision to follow Christ, or when one realized they wanted to truly be a disciple of Christ. However one phrases it, the basic idea is that each Christian has a story about the time they decided to truly follow Christ, so that's what I want each participant to scrap about this week.

Here is my page:

November 8, 1970 was the most important day in my life, and that will always be true. It's even more important than the day I got married or the day I gave birth to Aidan, because it's the day I said "YES!" to Jesus and invited Him to come live in my heart and be the Lord of my life. It's the day my name was written down in the Lamb's Book of Life, that book that Jesus will consult one day to see if I'm allowed to enter Heaven, or if my reservation is somewhere considerably hotter. And because of what I did that day, I know He'll find my name there, and I'll be welcomed in as a daughter, a child of the King, a full-fledged member of the Royal Family of God!

No, that's not my journaling! lol If you would like to see that better, you can click on the picture and see a larger version of it.

All papers on this layout are K&Co., I think it's from the "Sassafras" collection. I also used some self-stick rhinestones from them, but I'm not sure where the pearls or some other of the rhinestones came from. Nor am I sure about the lace. The buttons are just random buttons collected over time. (I have a bad tendency to take things out of their original packaging and store them in accessory drawers or boxes and not remember who made them.) The picture is a scan I made off a bulletin from the church I grew up in, Sherwood Baptist Church in Odessa, TX. And, last but not least, the title lettering was cut with the "Jasmine" Cricut cartridge.

I am so naughty (yeah, God still has a LOT of work to do in me, even 38 years later!). I had a doc's appt. this afternoon, and had lots of time to kill afterward, so after I had my car safety inspected (in Texas you do this once a year; mine was due last September -- do not laugh ... how many of YOU look frequently in the lower left-hand corner of your car's front window, huh?) I went to Archiver's just to get a few embellies. Uh huh. Let him who is without Archiver's sin cast the first stone. I came out with a package of chipboard letters (very necessary), some adhesive (boring, boring, boring,), a package of 12x12 paper storage folders (boring, boring, boring), some buttons in colors I didn't have last night when I needed them, and paper. When did they start charging $1.99 for a piece of stinkin' paper??? Now, granted, the paper was double-sided and did have "texture" on the front (some kind of slick stuff in the stripes), but yeesh!!! And I always buy two of every piece of paper I get in case I want to do a two pager or if I screw something up, which I have been known to do from time to time. And then there's the 99-cent paper. Come on! But, yes, I had to have it. For a kitty layout that I want to make. And then there was some gorgeous "guy" paper from Basic Grey (blues and greens). And ... and ... *SIGH*. Like I don't already have enough paper?

So what is it with paper, anyway? I have a ton of the stuff, and yet I'll sit down to scrap, and I'll discover that with all that paper, I do not have the exact right piece to go with the layout I'm designing! I may have two pieces that I want, but then I don't have that exact, right piece that would coordinate perfectly, or that exact right color of blue/brown/yellow/red/insert-color-here. It's uncanny! I'm thinking this is a secret magic ploy of the scrapbook paper industry. Somehow they know. Somehow they know that when you buy a certain piece of paper, you will need that intangible, undefinable "something else" that doesn't exist, not even in their matching collection, until three years later when you finally decide to use that piece of paper. Then you will have to go back to the scrapbook store, even if you've taken a pledge of No New Paper For Ten Years to get the piece you need to finish the layout. And of course, you'll have to get the other gorgeous pieces you see there. It's kinda like "If You Give a Mouse a Cookie," only with scrapbookers.

"If you give a scrapper a piece of Basic Grey ..."


I hope I get some time to scrap tonight. Don't know if the hubby will want me to spend the evening paying attention to him or if I can slip away to the loft and Be Creative. As much as I love him, I hope it's the latter!

Keep praying for the Aussies. The death toll from the fires now stands at 171. (And thanks, Leonie, for your very sweet comment on yesterday's post.)

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Valerie Byrnes said...

Hi Stacy,

Your description of your trip to Archiver's made me laugh out loud, literally! I guess I relate and have had that same where is it when I want it experience.

Your journaling in the LO is beautiful.