Sunday, February 01, 2009

Blast from the past

Well, I have had an interesting weekend. In a weird sort of way. I have spent the weekend with myself from 1964, 1967, 1971, and other random years of the "awful decades", as well as with my brothers, parents, grandparents and various friends and other relations. Time machine? Um, no. If I had a time machine, you think I'd be wasting my time going back to those horrible years of pre-puberty in the 1960s and '70s?? Yeah no.

But I DID spend my time scanning slides. I was sick (sinuses again) and unable to do much else, so I just hung out with my little ion "Slides2PC" gadget and a big stinky bottle of slide cleaner and did my bit for archiving family history. Only ... I don't know if it's the scanner or the slides (I know I could tell by looking more closely), but sooooooo many of the slides are slightly blurry (could be the ravages of time), and either exceedingly dark or ridiculously overexposed, and I am NOT at all skilled in the ways of photo rescuing. I have Photoshop Elements 4.0, JASC PaintShop Pro something-or-other, ACDSee 8, and the scanner comes with ArcSoft PhotoImpression 6 (basic version). And I cannot seem to do any kind of decent job rescuing the bad slides. I can clone out spots and that kind of thing, but I'm talkin' horrible contrasty stuff and darkness and all kinds of yuckness. Here, let me show you:

Here I am at Christmas time with my brothers in 1964. (I was cute then. This was well before the horrors of pre-puberty.) I mean, what do you do with this? Dark, contrasty, slightly blurry. This is the best I could do:

See much difference? I didn't think so. That's because if I did too much it would come out with weird ... stuff. Stuff that I really don't know how to explain, but things like shifts in colors that became highly pixelated, etc.

Anyway. I hope I'm not doing all this in vain because the scanner thing was a hundred bucks of my Christmas money. But I guess the deal is to at least save and digitize the slides so they aren't lost completely. And, honestly, it's been fun seeing the old pictures. And creepy. And sometimes sad. There's a picture of my oldest brother when he was at probably the lowest point in his life, when he was suicidally depressed for three years. And you can just see it on his face. He looks bleak, sort-of hopeless. That picture rips my heart out, and I had to finally quit trying to tweak it because his face was too haunting. Happily, he came out of that time (we discovered his main problem was that he was hypoglycemic -- he should NOT have been eating sugar at all, and he needed drastic vitamin supplimenting) and he's pretty much okay now. Still some scars -- those never go away, I know that firsthand, but he's okay.

Whoops, I digressed.

I meant to get up into the loft today and work on a "scrap-card" sample for the beginning of the Faithbooking project I'm initiating tomorrow on Paper Craft Planet, but I just totally did not have the energy. So, hopefully tomorrow will be a better day and I can get that done. Part of the lethargy prob today was that Aidan was up until about 2am coughing last night, despite all the medicinal interventions. B went to sleep in the guest house, but moms can't do that, y'know? I slept in between his coughing fits, but he coughs like some kind of beast, really deep and really hard, so it's a little hard not to be distressed when he's in the throes of a coughing fit. If he does it again tonight, I am DEFINITELY taking him back to the doctor tomorrow. Well, not to the doc, but to our beloved PA. She'll know what to do!

So, I shall leave you with one more blast-from-the-past picture (brave soul that I am).

Me in 1969 at the Glorieta Baptist Convention Center near Santa Fe, NM. Aren't little girls such wannabe models sometimes! Yeah, well, Twiggy, eat your heart out! lol

Until next time ...


jacki jones said...

cute! I need to have a serious scanning marathon. Thanks for providing the motivation! Now if you could provide some free time, I'll be all set!

hanksmom said...

I love this pose!