Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Chocolate bar wrapper

I had some loft time today. At Aidan's school they encourage parents to "adopt" a middle/high school teacher ("officially" so only one parent has one teacher), and you're supposed to help them out through the year, etc., as well as give them little gifts on holidays and their birthday. So I adopted Aidan's Latin teacher, since we have the most interaction with her (him being in the Latin club, on the Certamen team, etc.). So far she hasn't asked me to help her with anything (which might be good, considering how often I'm laid low with sinuses, etc.), but I have done my part with the goodies. Since her birthday is coming up in just a couple of weeks, I decided to go a little light on the Valentine's Day treat and just do a bar of chocolate.

Now, for her, this should be a good thing. She's a dark chocolate fanatic, and I would think any bar of decent dark chocolate would be appreciated. It's Lindt "Excellence" 78% dark, so that should be up her alley.

Being slightly under the weather again I wasn't up to making her a full-fledged card, so I decided to make her a custom wrapper for her chocolate bar. This is what I came up with:

All the paper except the cream backing is Basic Grey (the cream bit is from The Paper Company). Oh, and the bit I stamped on is SU Very Vanilla. The stamp is from The Angel Company (they had a 1/2 price sale on a couple of weeks ago and, I mean, how can you pass that up? So this is one of the stamps that just showed up in my mailbox today!). Ribbon is unknown, and ink is SU "Riding Hood Red".

So, I hope she likes it. I also hope she doesn't rip into it to get to the bar. She can just slide the bar out -- I hope she figures that out. And then, of course, she has to keep the wrapper forever, right? I mean, because it IS handmade! ;-)

Tomorrow night I'm supposed to be a "tour guide" at this open house thing A's school is having ... have I mentioned this already? (Whew, brain fog is thick tonight!) Anyway, just in case I haven't, the open house is for current parents so they can go get a glimpse of what the high school is like so they'll get very excited and decide they simply MUST send their kids there, and so they'll commit, like, NOW so the Powers That Be will see the commitment and won't feel like they might have to shut the high school down the year before A graduates. So I'm supposed to go lead a little tour group from classroom to classroom (where there will be "high school class" sort-of demonstrations ... A will be in the Latin classroom being part of that) and, I guess, be a sort-of cheerleader for the school. They were asking for volunteers to do this, so I decided I'd better put my money where my mouth is, so to speak, and DO something about encouraging the lower-school parents instead of just talking about doing something. So I hope that goes well. I have a bad habit of volunteering for something and then, like, the next day really wishing I hadn't because it disrupts my non-schedule. How pathetic is that?

I'm actually working on a digi-scrap layout! Gasp and horror! lol I don't really like digital scrapping (I mean, for myself) in general -- I've tried it in the past and it just doesn't have the "thrill" of paper scrapping for me. But next week's theme for our faithbooking project on PCP is going to be "This is My Song" (shhh, don't tell yet ;-) ), and I realized I had started a digi-page on this very topic a year or so ago. Since my favorite, most encouraging Christian song hasn't changed in that time (guess what it is -- "God is Watching Over You" by ... oh, you knew it, didn't you ... Phil Joel!!), I figured I might as well finish the page for next week, then have it printed out somewhere and stick it in my scrapbook. It will sure look flat next to my other pages, but, what the heck. I like the way it's looking, so it's all good. (If I could only figure out how to do this one thing I'm trying to do that isn't working ...) I have Photo Shop Elements 4.0 (can you say "archaic"? I knew you could.), so that's part of the problem. All the tuts are for the current edition.

Anyway, I need to go so I can plan the theme for the Friday SHINE challenge. I need to make the card tomorrow, and I won't have the evening in which to do it!

OH! BTW, please remember to pray for the Oklahoma tornado victims from Tuesday night. Last I heard there were 8 dead in one little town, and lots of damage in several places. And there may be more tornadoes going on further east tonight.

More later!

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