Thursday, February 26, 2009

God broke the mold ...

Well, today I finished exactly half of the layouts I had begun at my friend's house on Tuesday. Okay, I don't know if you can TECHNICALLY say half, because I finished one 12x12 page and two 6x6's, and now I have to finish two 12x12's and one 6x6, but I did do three out of six! PLUS a card for the SHINE challenge at Paper Craft Planet. Yeah, babies! I was rollin'!

I'm going to be stingy and only show you one of the projects I finished today -- hey I've gotta have other stuff on hand for the days I don't get anything done!

Here it is:

This layout celebrates my oldest nephew Milo. He is absolutely the most interesting, unique and amazing young man! He is 25 years old and has lived on the streets of San Francisco as a "starving artist", traveled up and down the West Coast trying to raise money for Ralph Nader (when he was still too young to vote for him), he has tramped around all over India with very little money and a backpack full of audio recording equipment (instead of a camera), making the most amazing recordings of everyday life there (staying in a buddhist monastery as a sort of hostel because he didn't have any money at one point), and he does some truly fantastic and, again, unique artwork. He's basically an artist, just kinda works at whatever jobs he can to keep a roof over his head (he could live with his mom, but he would rather not be a "moocher" that way). He is funny/witty, incredibly loving, and I wouldn't trade him for the world! (BTW, my other nephews are wonderful, too, just very different people -- one 20-yr-old, and twin 4-yr-olds!) Milo doesn't drive, doesn't want to, so he gets around everywhere on his bike. Occasionally he does have a girlfriend with a car, so that helps!

Not that he doesn't have his problems, the largest of which is pretty serious ADHD. Well, and that he's my brother's son. (JUST KIDDING, David!) David is an artist, too, so I'm joking about inheriting the "starving artist" gene. My other brother is also incredibly artistic ... somehow that gene skipped me. I couldn't draw my way out of a paper bag (whatever that truly means). However, I can sing. If they can, I don't know it because I've never heard them.

Anyway, back to the layout: I found these pictures in a pile I had had printed from my mother's camera card. They're a couple of years old, I think, and apparently Mom had told Milo she wanted to take his picture, so he hammed it up for her. And the series was a perfect Scrapbook Moment sort of deal. I had so much fun putting it together. Just looking at all his expressions was fun. I can't wait to show him the layout next time he comes out our way for a visit!

Oh, yes -- ingredients:
DP: "Zach's Life" collection -- Little Yellow Bicycle
Stamps (alpha): Stampendous
Ink: SU (also marker)
Brads: Making Memories
Diecut: K&Co.
Cricut "George & Basic Shapes" cartridge (MILO font)

Well, it's very late and I have to get to bed (should've been there an hour ago). Tomorrow will be a busy day, which may include getting the damage on my car appraised for repair (finally). So I'll have to get an early start to cram everything in.

Hope everyone is having a great week and looking forward to a great weekend! (My Down Under readers will already be into their weekend by the time they read this, I think.)

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Melb. said...

Stacy, I just love this layout of your nephew. I like the placement and the size of the photos. Thanks for sharing!