Sunday, February 08, 2009

Prayers for Australia

I don't know if y'all have been keeping up with this in the news or not, but there are some terrible things going on Down Under the last few days. The main big news is the bushfires (bush = "forest" in general for us Americans). Over the last two or three days 128 people have been killed in horrible fires that are raging in the Australian state of Victoria near the city of Melbourne. There are a lot of national parks in that area with a lot of trees, and the weather there has been ridiculously hot lately, and dry. (Hot, like Arizona summer hot, like 115 degrees F or even more -- remember, it's summer Down Under right now.) All that's been contributing to the speed at which these fires are spreading. Last I heard there were 30 fires going in this area. Whole towns have burned to the ground. It's just unimaginably devastating. So we need to remember to pray for these folks -- the survivors, families and friends of victims, those who have lost everything, firefighters, emergency and medical personnel, everybody. It's just amazingly horrible. Here are some pictures:
This bloke's face breaks my heart ... he's trying to get the firefighters to save his farm.

Hard to start over in your 80s

Even the little blokes have to start over ...

The white ashy looking places were once homes.

I also understand, from Leonie Schroder, who lives in the Aussie state of New South Wales, that the state of Queensland, to the north, has been experiencing flooding, so they need prayer, too!

I'll be back tomorrow with an actual layout ... it's finished tonight but there's glue drying on it. (No, it's not about the fires, it has to do with the Faithbooking project over at Paper Craft Planet)

If I have any Aussie readers from these areas -- know that you're on my heart and mind and in my prayers!

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Leonie Schroder said...

Stace you really do have the biggest heart! everytime I see those pictures it tears me up :( so much devastation of life and property and our natural forests as well. Its not just one or two houses but whole towns that have been hit - my heart goes to all of those people in those areas and I thank you for your prayers and this post. You can never ever say too many prayers.

thanks honey