Thursday, February 19, 2009

Stampin' Up fun today

This morning I went over to my former upline's house for a class/club get-together. She has a Big Shot club which I didn't join since I don't have and don't want to purchase a Big Shot (my Cuttlebug is good enough, thanks), but you can go to the classes as a guest for $5 (waived if you purchase more than $15 in anything SU). I should have joined the club -- it's not entirely Big Shot based, and you get to be a hostess one month (like any regular stamping club), but, oh well. It's still a lot of money to fork over for SU-specific stuff each month. (I think it's $25).

We had fun, though. We made two non-die-cut cards, and then one Big Shot card and one little box. I decided to use one of the cards for the SHINE challenge sample for this coming week (since I need to post for tomorrow). I've been sick again (yep, again; yep, sinus infection), and that's one of the reasons I went to the class even though I didn't feel very well -- I could make a challenge-useable card without having to think! I did leave off the SU sentiment, though, and substituted a different one after I got home because I had wanted to use this specific sentiment on whatever card I made for this week. And I knew ahead of time what sets we would be using, and I LOVE the one we used for this card (and, yes, ordered it today), so it all went together well.

So here's the card:

Obviously all supplies are SU except for the sentiment, which is from Rubber Stamp Shack. (And isn't that the kewlest saying?!)

I got my printed-out hard copy version of my "Watching Over You" layout in the mail today, and it looks great! I don't remember if I mentioned where I had it printed, but I am going to give them a huge plug right now, because I probably won't be giving them a lot of business, not being much of a digi-scrapper. They are called Scrapbooks to Share (, and you can actually order a sample page from them for free, plus $6 shipping. The cool thing is, it's any of your layouts that you choose, and you get two copies of it. Here's what they say about it:
We print digital scrapbook pages on acid and lignin-free paper for as low as $1.00 a page! We are so confident in our quality that we offer a sample package of one of your digital scrapbook pages so you can judge for yourself for only the cost of shipping and packaging - $6.00. If you order a sample package you will receive your digital layout printed on a couple of the different types of paper we offer.

They have text-weight paper and cardstock-weight. When you order your sample, you get to choose what you would like to see (i.e., text-weight or cardstock). I chose cardstock and got my layout printed on both matte CS and glossy CS. Plus they sent two 6"x6" samples of their text-weight paper (plain, no layout). I really loved the quality and texture of the matte CS. It's so much nicer than having a layout printed on photo paper (I think, because I don't want my layout to have the photo paper texture. They can do photo paper, but I just don't like it. And no, I'm not getting paid or discounts or anything to plug them -- I was just really impressed, that's all.) What's awesome about getting the free samples is that now I have one for my scrapbook album, and one I can frame and hang in the office!

Anyway, I will TOTALLY be using them again whenever I do anything digi, and if you digi scrap and don't have a printing place or don't like the one you use, try these people out. I haven't looked into how much they charge per page yet, but I'm pretty sure it will be cheaper than the other places I looked at online before I picked them.

I need to ask for personal prayer here, so if you aren't interested in hearing my health woes, you can stop reading and go on to the next blog on your list now. Would those of you who pray please pray for me about my chronic sinus infections (if you aren't doing that already)? I am really, really discouraged about this (it's been probably two years now since I started getting them so frequently). It's so hard for me to get things done when I feel this bad. If you've never had a sinus infection, you just can't imagine how bad they make you feel. I totally do not understand how something that sounds so minor can so completely wipe you out, but all you want to do is sleep, and even though I've been out doing things today, I have just felt like jello all day long. I can't take care of my family properly, I feel guilty ALL the time because Bjorn is under so much stress and I can't pick up the slack. I don't think I'll be able to go to Aidan's big Latin club meet thing this weekend and support his team (I've missed every meet so far this year). I haven't been able to sing on the Praise Team since October, and even though I'm planning on going back to the team in March, I don't know how realistic that is.

What's really scary is that I have a friend at church who also has chronic sinus infections, and she is a real mess (health-wise). It doesn't give me much hope. She's been to specialists, had the sinus-clean-out surgery, the whole nine yards, and is still getting them just as often as she ever did. My allergy doc says mine will get better once my allergy shots start really taking effect. But that won't be in, like, three or more years (it takes that long for them to build up enough in your system that they begin to make a real difference). In the meantime, my house is dirty, my husband is overwhelmed, and I feel like the worst wife in the universe.

So, yeah, anyway, enough whining. But please, do pray for me. Some days I just want to go walk off a cliff, not because I feel so bad, but because I can't take care of my family the way I need to. If it were just me and I had somebody taking care of me, I wouldn't care. But I have a family to take care of, that's my JOB, that's my CALLING, it's a big way I show them that I love them, and I can't do it well. That's hard and it hurts (especially since I don't think my husband truly understands).

Alright. Enough for real. I've got to go post my card to Paper Craft Planet now. I really hope I feel better tomorrow because I WANT TO SCRAP!!!!!

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Becky said...

I am sorry to hear about your health woes. I will keep you in prayer, as for me, long story short, after prayer I went to an herbalist, I am in great shape. on to the card :), it is beautiful, love this stamp, and love the colors in this.