Tuesday, February 17, 2009

This is My Song

So I said I would show you my digital layout of the Christian song that speaks to me the most, and, without further ado, here it is:

My favorite song? "God is Watching Over You" by Phil Joel (surprise, surprise). It's the one song in all the world that can get through to me when I'm in the depths of despair, or worried, or lamenting the past, or whatever. Consistently, this is the one. And that was even true before I fell in love with Phil's hair!

It's pretty rudimentary digi-scrapping. No baubles and embellies and shadowing and all that, just words layered around and a pic in the corner. That's Phil in the corner, BTW, a still taken from the video of the song on the "it's time to fly!" part. (Free fun fact: Now that I know more about Phil AND New Zealand, I have deduced that he is standing atop Lion Rock at Piha Beach near Auckland in New Zealand -- Piha is his favorite place and he and his wife and kiddies have a vacation home there. Must be nice.) The original pic was very small, and was pretty pixelated by the time I got it to the size I wanted, so I decided to mess with it to make it "artistic." I used PaintShop Pro 7 (yes, it's a very old version, I know) and applied the "Photo Grain" filter, then played with the color until I got it to a close enough match for the layout. I'm not sure Phil would be thrilled to be pinkish-purple, but, hey, it's for art's sake, y'know?

I spent a large chunk of today making layouts to send to Jennifer McGuire so she can send them on to the lady in Australia who is putting together scrapbook albums for the Aussie fire victims. I said yesterday that I wasn't good at doing photo-less layouts, but when I was re-organizing my paper this morning, I found some "already started" layouts I had purchased at Target a couple of years ago on sale. They had layers and some stitching and ribbons or other kinds of flat embellies on them, so I added photo mats, some DP and a few other bits, and voila! Scrapbook pages for the Aussie fire victims! I didn't put a whole lot of embellies on them because we're supposed to leave a lot of that part for the people who get them to do. Plus my pages all ended up being pretty masculine because of the pre-done bases I started with and the DP I ended up picking to go with the bases, so I didn't stick Prima flowers and rhinestones and glitter and all that all over them. But I think they turned out nice, and I think whoever gets them will enjoy adding photos, journaling and their own embellies to make the pages truly their own.

If I get a chance I'll scan the pages. Otherwise I'm going to try to get them out in the mail tomorrow, so it just depends on how much time I have.

I'm going to a Stampin' Up! club/class thing at my former upline's on Thursday morning. From the projects she showed and the sets and paper she'll be highlighting, I may have to break down and purchase a couple of things. *SIGH* It sure has been hard to keep my New Year's Resolutions!

Hope you have a great day, and I'll be back soon!

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