Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Featured Artist! and stuff

Oh, wow -- a lot to say and a short time to type it in (because I'm tired and I wanna go to bed!)

First -- check THIS out. I was one of the "Made Ya Look Monday" featured artists this week at Faith Sisters, for my "Voice of the Sea" layout!!! Is that amazing or what? I mean, I haven't been digi-scrapping all that long, and it was a "standout layout"! Very kewl. And, as always "Soli deo gloria." (Check out the "About Me" to see what that means.) I'm supposed to have a "Featured Artist" blinkie, but as of this typing, I haven't figured out how to "snag" it and post it on Blogger yet.

Second thing: It's cold and it's pouring rain! I'm THRILLED about the rain. The cold, not so much, but as long as it's raining, I can live with it. I hope it rains like this all the way through Friday (as they're predicting). It didn't rain much during the day today, but has started up a lot this evening. YES!!! Even thundered once. Scared the cats to death!

Third thing: Here are the most recent "quickie" 6"x6" layouts for my "Favorite Photos" album ...

This is Aidan at Torrey Pines Beach in San Diego when we were there at Thanksgiving. Obviously I love this picture, it being in my Favorite Photos album, but there's just something kinda ... fun about it. It doesn't actually look 100% like Aidan -- there's some Hayden Christenson (sp?) in there, I think. (You know, Anakin Skywalker, but let's don't go the Darth Vader route, okay?) Anyway, it's just there because I like it!

DP: K&Co, Basic Grey, Unknown (the mat)
Sand dollar paper ribbon: K&Co (I hate that it ended up looking like lace ...)
Corner punch: EK Success
Stamp: Heart & Soul Rubber Stamps
Ink: Ranger Distress, SU
Brads: Oriental Trading Co.,
Marker: Sharpie

... and then this one (please don't say "Darth Vader!" when you see it! lol)

I think actually he may have been scowling because I was taking a lot of pictures of him that day. And the sun was bright. But this is also his "determined" look, so I chose to go with that on the journaling! (Hey, artist's prerogative and all that.) The ugly blotch in the bottom right-hand corner isn't there in real life, it's just where I blurred out some personal information.

DP: Basic Grey "Marakkesh" (however the heck you spell that)
Marker: Zig
Brads: Making Memories
Punch: EK Success

I just realized that I haven't yet scanned the third one, so you'll have to wait until yet another post to see it. Apologies!

Fourth thing: One of my Stampin' Up! Friends friends called me yesterday and informed me that Peter Furler, lead singer of the Newsboys, is retiring as concert frontman! (Read about it here if you're interested.) It's a very strange sitch, if you ask me (and a lot of other current fans -- remember, I'm a past fan). He's going to stick around to write songs and produce albums -- like there'll be any more -- but they've tapped Michael Tait, formerly of DCTalk to be the lead singer for their concerts.

This. Is. Wrong.

The Newsboys have a particular, certain sound, in large part from the actual music, as played by the instrumentalists, a great deal because of the songwriting and uniqueness of their songs, but also majorly because they are (or at least started out as) an AUSSIE band. Yes, they have Americans in the band. Yes, Phil is a Kiwi (I started to say "was" because he's a past member, but he's actually still a Kiwi, last time I checked). But Peter sings with a freakin' Aussie accent. And Michael Tait does. not. So if they're gonna keep this up, they need to graciously retire the "Newsboys" name, call themselves something else and go from there. Because "Newsboys" this ain't.

Nothing against Michael Tait. I loved DCTalk, and Mike's a great guy, wonderful singer (definitely not Aussie) But he is not and can never be a Newsboy. Sorry, Mike, but this just doesn't work.

Of course, have I asked about GOD'S will? No. But, I mean, c'mon, God! Michael Tait? No Peter?

For me the band carked it when Phil left. I mean, in my heart the epitaph reads "Newsboys -- 1987 or so through Dec. 31, 2006". But the band did go on and, much to my chagrin and major disagreement, made another album and had a bunch of concerts. I just don't see how they're gonna pull this one off. (For one thing, Pete is supposedly going to still sing lead on albums ... WTH?)

So, yes, this is weird and disturbing. Not that it affects me. As I said, for me the Newsboys died when Phil left and I've had no interest in any new songs, albums or concerts since. But I have to admit that I do have a very strong opinion about this latest move. And now I'm glad that Phil left before Pete did, because if Phil was still in the band and Michael Tait was the lead singer ... I would want to go to the concerts because of Phil, but without Pete it wouldn't be the same. His leaving, even with Phil there, would pretty much kill the Newsboys, too.

Of course, some people say, as Christians we shouldn't be "into" the personalities, we should just enjoy the music, we should be into it for its message (this was on the message boards at Um ... look, if you're a huge music fan, and if the band is amazingly good and has a specific, unique sound (as does Newsboys), then the personalities are what MAKE then band, and you don't go changing them 'round without changing something about the flavor of the band. When Jodi Davis left as guitarist, they never really did find a perfect replacement. Paul Colman did a decent job, but no one could replace Jodi (who is back, now, BTW -- another weird development -- since Paul decided to go back to his solo career). When John James left early on (after the first album Phil was on), that changed the sound a bit, but Peter was really the head of the band, anyway. They survived that just fine (at least IMHO.) But you can't make major personnel changes like they're doing now and expect the sound and "feel" of the band to remain the same. It was true when Phil left (especially with the "feel"), and now with Pete no longer the lead singer ... Nope. I don't see this flying. I could be very wrong, but it just seems too fundamentally wrong, like John Lennon leaving the Beatles and them replacing him with Harry Belafonte. (I love Harry Belafonte, BTW.)

Oh, well. As long as Phil keeps putting out great solo albums, I will be fine. (Now. It took me two years to get to this point!)

Alright, it's late, I have things to do tomorrow (another club/class at my SU Demo's house), and I'm worn out. So ... thanks for putting up with my Newsboys rant (if you actually did). I'll be back later with more layouts -- I did get another 2-page 12"x12" finished tonight, as well.

Blessings ...

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Melb. said... crack me up. Your posts go like a mile a minute. I can just picture you in person talking like this! So congrats on being featured artist on Faith Sisters. That is so cool! I thought about posting my recent work over there but I am lazy and have not gotten around to it. They probably think I dropped off the face of the earth.
Your son is ADORABLE!!!!
I am working on our Faithbook project. I did the Kay Arthur Study on my own.
And I can't comment on the Newsboys 'cause I dunno much about 'em.
I think I covered everything!!!