Thursday, March 26, 2009

Going back in time

Well, I meant to get back to y'all yesterday, but just didn't quite manage to find blogging time, so here I am today. First, the layout:

When we lived in Colorado, our townhouse was directly behind the house of a very sweet, wonderful couple who befriended us and became sort-of our fill-in parents/grandparents in a way, Connie and Andy O (our houses were on the same lot, shared the same address, just had different "unit" letters, like apartments would have). When Aidan was born, Connie crocheted him a blanket that became THE "Blankie", which was loved to absolute death (we still have the remnants). On Aidan's first easter (and the next one, too), they had an Easter egg hunt for their grandkids, and invited Aidan to join them, making their little side garden into Aidan's very own hunting ground. I think Aidan got more from picking at grass and looking at Connie's flowers than "hunting" eggs, but it was a lot of fun. (The hat he's wearing, BTW, became his "signature" toddler hat.)

CS: Stampin' Up!
DP: Autumn Leaves
Ribbon: Stampin' Up!
Buttons: SU; unknown
Diecuts: Cricut "Home Decor" cartridge
Alpha: Cricut "George & Basic Shapes"
Punches: SU; Fiskars; EKSuccess
Date stamp: The Angel Company
Inks & markers: SU

The "grass" at the bottom was made with various elements from the "Home Decor" cartridge, cut up and stuck to double-sided adhesive on the back of the green scalloped bit, which took some time to do. (Why doesn't "A Walk in My Garden" have a grass border shape??? I mean, gardens do have grass sometimes!)

Aidan is going on a school trip to Dallas tomorrow (Friday), so I would definitely appreciate prayers of traveling safety, as well as just general safety for him and his fellow-travelers. They'll be getting in very late Saturday night. No, we're not going with him. Yes, this makes me nervous. Yes, I'm a helicopter mom.

Hey, remember last time how I made the joke about the (it is .net) team, how if they showed up in your neighborhood you knew it was time to take cover? Well, yesterday afternoon we had some storms blow up in our neck of the woods, and I checked their tracker, and sure enough, they were just northwest of here where there was a tornado warning! I had to laugh at the irony. Fortunately, the worst part of the storm went north of us -- people up in northwest Austin got serious hail, some as large as baseball size! -- but I still made sure the tornado closet was cleared for if Aidan and I and the kitties needed to get in it! (Bjorn was at the chiropractor at the time.) There was a tornado sighted up near Llano, but it was never confirmed. Don't know if the guys got any good video of rotation or anything.

Well, I went to the allergy doc today to get the scoop on my blood test results (remember the nine vials I had drawn a few weeks ago?). Everything looked mostly okay, or within normal ranges, except for my pneumococcal antibodies, which were somewhat low. Apparently this includes strep as well, and these are some of the most common bacteria floating around. SO -- I got a pneumonia shot! (Ouch!) I'm to be tested again on just that one thing in four weeks, and if my antibodies have gone up, then we're all good there. Supposedly this will help with the frequency of my sinus infections (and hopefully eradicate them entirely, please God!)

So, that's the scoop for now. I did do a 6"x6" "Favorite Photos" page today, but haven't scanned it yet. I'll do that tomorrow. I started another one, we'll see how that goes. I've been kinda blah on scrapping the last few days -- gotta pull out of that quick!! I remembered the other day that I still have a couple of months on my membership, so decided I'd better get back to work on my family history stuff before it expires. memberships are not cheap. Maybe I can get it renewed for Mother's Day ...

Happy Friday, and a good weekend to all. (I will be missing my boy, and praying for him to pwn all the other kids in the Latin competitions!)

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