Sunday, March 22, 2009

Hello again! Whew, what a week ...

In Memoriam:

Dorothy Campbell (Granny)
Sept. 9, 1912 - March 22, 2008
She went to be with her Lord and Savior one year ago today. Boy, do we miss her! But she wouldn't want to come back to this earth if we dragged her by the ankles! Not when she gets to spend every day with Jesus!

This has just been a rough week! Not sick, although there was a two-day mini-sinus-migraine involved at one point. More just a little, um ... strife, I guess you'd call it, on the home front. Things are better now, but the first part of the week was pretty much h-e-double-hockey-sticks (or for those of you who are Newsboys fans, "the place where they don't serve breakfast"). Terrible, terrible pit of depression. Followed by okay-ness. But I didn't feel much like scrapping. Then the headache, when I wanted terribly to scrap and couldn't. Then on Friday, Aidan had a friend over and we had pizza, and I ate it. Which I'm not supposed to do because I'm allergic to wheat. It makes me tired and kinda "brain-swell" grumpy (I mean, it does, literally, swell the brain a teensy bit, and that's just irritating!). So I didn't scrap then, either. So, yeah, bleah on the scrapping this week! And then thinking about Granny dying a year ago (I hate thinking about her last day, there in the hospital ...) And it was a kinda bleah Spring Break, too. Aidan and I both want another week to do "right" this time.

However, on the spiritual front, things are waaaaaaaay better. Probably because of having to work through the ick at the beginning of the week. On Friday I made a playlist on Windows Media Player of worship songs, so yesterday I had that playing in the house, and it was AMAZING what a difference it made in the general atmosphere of things, as well as in my heart and spirit. Very, very awesome.

I did actually do a digi layout early in the week. It fit my frame of mind, conveniently, but it was also for the SHINE Faithbooking project. This week's theme (starting tomorrow) is "Struggles and Scars". So here's one of the pages:

I'm putting the whole layout (there are two pages) on my Foggy Specs blog -- somehow it seems more appropriate there.

That picture of me is about 20 years old, BTW. A self-portrait taken at the elementary school I went to growing up. I had just broken up from an emotionally abusive relationship and was having to pretty much rebuild my life. Not a happy time in my life. But God was there in it with me, all the way, and He got me through it. I don't see how I could've made it any other way.

Okay, it's late and I have one more blog to post on, so I've gotta finish this up!

I do have another paper LO that I finished earlier this week, but keep forgetting to scan! Tomorrow!! (I hope!)

Blessings for a great week!

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