Sunday, March 08, 2009

The loft has seen my face!

And all the other parts of me. And I have PAPER scrapped! Oh, YES!! Real ink on my fingers, real scissors and hand cramps! Pop dots for 3-Dness! Actual Real Live Brads! And even webbing spray for texture! *Deep sigh of contentment* Digital has its place, but there ain't NUTHIN' like the Real Deal, fellow babies. NUTHIN'.

I did go to the allergy doc on Friday, as I had mentioned in Thursday's post. He didn't check for fungus, but he DID want to have my immune system checked. Let's just say that after that little procedure I believe in vampires. I think my doc has a secret contract with the lab down there. They drew nine vials of blood out of me. You read that right. NINE. Now, no, they weren't all the large size. Some were quite small. But still ... NINE. They'll be sending some to the Mayo Clinic, some to Johns Hopkins, some to the Centers for Disease Control ... I don't know whether I feel like a lab rat or a celebrity! Or if I should panic? Nah, I won't do that. My history is that there is NEVER anything "wrong" with me. Which is really a good thing, but it would be nice to have an ANSWER now and again.

Okay, on to the scrapping, which is why you came here. I won't show you both layouts today (mwuhahahaha), but I'll show you one of the others I had started at my friend's house week before last and only just now got around to finishing. Partly because I had to wait for the other set of fancy giant photo corners to come in (I only had one and had to order the other), and the other was because of the lovely sinuses. (Should Peter Jackson do a movie called that? I mean, he did do one called "The Lovely Bones" -- I think it was him. I haven't seen it.)

Anyway, here's the LO. It's two pages, but I will post one after the other, since it really doesn't matter that they be viewed together. Heck, maybe I'll post the "together" view afterward. Please keep in mind that occasionally my freebie page-stitching program does a Weird Thing, which it did in this case and made the Right Page (the second one) come out looking a bit skewed. I promise you it isn't this way In Real Life (Elizabeth, you can attest to that!), but I was too lazy to re-scan and re-stitch it, since I was doing four pages in that round:

Left page:

Right side

This was many moons ago when I was a)young and b)thin. I got to spend a semester in London (actually met my husband there!), and the week before we settled in to live there, those of us who wanted to and who paid the extra $$ went on a "mini-tour" of Europe. It was very "mini" -- one day in Brussels (basically an overnight and a few hours the next day), two days in Amsterdam, and three in Paris. I'm not complaining! It was awesome for a rather sheltered girl from the tumbleweed fields of West Texas. So this LO is the beginning of the Paris bit. Man, I wish I could look that good again! Alas, one husband, one child and twenty years later ... yeah, probably not. But at least I have it to look back upon.

Here's the LO with both pages together, BTW (nearly forgot):

And here are the deets on the ingredients:
DP: Paper House Productions; Basic Grey
CS: GinaK Designs; SU: Paper Company
Corners: Heidi Swapp
Pearls: Hero Arts; K&Co.
Punch: EKSuccess
Journaling Marker: Zig
Brushes on photo: Decorative Alpha; KM-Paris; something swirly (I tried several and didn't note which one I settled on -- my bad!)
Stamp: The Angel Company
Ink: SU Whisper White craft
Chalk: Pebbles shimmer chalks (white)

We are supposed to have a Rollercoaster Weather week coming up. AKA a "Typical Texas Weather" week. Starting out in the 80s F, and then by midweek we will be plummeting to a high of around 50F. So, okay, this has been our winter. And it's weird and I'm tired of it. For WINTER we should be in the 60s and 70s with occasional bouts of 40s and 50s. And now that it's spring here we should have 70s and 80s with the occasional drop into the 60s until about April, then the 60s are usually gone. And I KNOW I shouldn't be whining because when it's 105F, I'm gonna be wishing for much cooler. But not 51. I was ready to put away the winter clothes (not the long jeans -- I hate giving those up). I was ready to shift the air vents from the heater configuration to the A/C config (we have a two-story house, so how we do the vents varies depending on the season). Okay, yeah, I'm whining, but still. Around 50? Not even. I do hope we get the rain they're promising, though. We are officially in an "Extreme Drought", worst since 1917, so we are definitely, definitely needing any raindrops we can get!

Alright, that's enough for today. I gotta post over in the Foggy Specs blog, then gotta get to bed. This Daylight Savings Time shift thing has not been an easy shift! (And I won't get started on that -- we didn't have to do it in Arizona and it was wonderful!)

Blessings for a wonderful week!

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Melb. said...

Yah!!! She's back. So good to see you back to blogging and creating! I love, love, love your LO. Yeh, my stitching program does wierd stuff too.