Monday, March 09, 2009

Part two of my "black" art period

Okay, so yesterday as I was finishing my two scrapbook layouts, I became vividly aware of the fact that both layouts use black as a base color. Although nothing I did today involved black at all, I'm calling those two layouts my "black" period (you know how famous artists often had specific "periods" where they were doing certain things). Yes, it was short-lived, but you never know when it may surface again. Black is a good base color!

So today I'm going to show you my faithbooking layout that is the sample for this week's topic in the SHINE group at Paper Craft Planet. I decided we would scrap about the Names of God this week. (Gee, Stace, could you have please picked something bigger? Cause, like, this one won't be enough of a challenge. -- Tui moment (yeah, right)) (I discovered the Kiwi phrase "tui moment" at a Kiwi scrapper's blog this weekend. I hope I'm using it right. If you're a Kiwi and you read this, please correct me if I'm wrong!)

Anyway, it is a rather large, awe-inspiring topic, since the Bible has many, many different names for God (if you read Hebrew or Greek). Fortunately there are a number of wonderful websites with the scoop on His various names. It's really awesome to be able to focus on those names and what they mean (like Jehovah-jireh means "Provider", so you can think about all the ways He has provided for you). One of the sites had a 30-day devotional based on His names, and several years ago I did a Kay Arthur Bible study that was all about His names, and it was fantastic.

So, anyway, my challenge was rather vague -- just to scrap about the names of God in any way that seemed to fit you. I gave the group a couple of website resources, and of course they can always google "Names of God" (with the quotes). So here's what I did with the assignment:

Left side:

Right side

God's biggest name is that He calls Himself "I AM" signifying that He is eternal, from time immemorial forward forever. So that's the significance of the "I AM" on both pages. If you want to read the strips you can click on that page image to see a larger image (that's true of the other page, as well).

There's also hidden journaling behind the list of names at the bottom of the right side. I had to hide it because I ran out of room, and even then it's more vague than I would like it to be. Here's what it says:
At some time in my life -- and at all times in my life -- God the Father and God the Son have been (and are) all these things to me: Creator (I see that in [my son]); Preserver; Mighty & Strong against the enemy who tries each day to destroy me; My Banner as He goes to war against that enemy; He has always provided for me and my family; I have seen His healing hand so many times -- physically, mentally, spiritually; He has definitely been my Peace in the many, many storms of life. And He is my Savior, both as God the Father and as "Yeshua" -- Jesus -- the One who has set me free from the law of sin and death. Praise His Holy Name -- all of them!

I picked this paper (the black with red swirly flowers) because -- well, it was cool and kinda awesome. Also, the red reminded me of the blood of Jesus. And I thought doing red letters against black would really stand out. So now you know. ;-)

Ingredients are:
DP: BoBunny "Le Jardin Poppy"
CS: GinaK Designs white; Paper Company text-weight (gold)
Stamps: Stempleglede "Grunge Collection"; SU monograms; Kiwi-Impressionz (crackle -- kissing tech, can't see it too well)
Ink: SU Real Red classic
Big Bracket on left side: Katy Pertiet "Old Alpha" brush set
Cricut cartridges: Base Camp; Jasmine
Brads: Making Memories; unknown source
Krylon gold webbing spray (on large "I AM" letters)

I think that's all.

So today I spent a little time in the loft. Finished a 6"x6" that I had started at my friend's house, and then did another 6"x6" (both are for my "Favorite Photos" album). You'll have to wait to see those another time because 1) I left one of them at my mother's house and haven't scanned it yet, and 2) you've already seen a layout today!

I had major fog-of-brain today and almost forgot I was supposed to take my car to the body shop up near Aidan's school today to get the rear-ending damage fixed. They had called on Thursday (or Wednesday) and set it up, and I was laying on the couch not in the best of shape, so I didn't get right up and write it down. So, as I was driving down to Michaels to check out the albums and punches they had on sale, I saw a car with a window decal from my son's school on it, and I thought that was kinda interesting since the school is so far from where we live (this was in our neck of the woods). Then I thought about my license plate holder which is one of those you buy at Target or someplace and it has interchangeable letters so you can make your own plate holder. I had made one with my son's school name and mascot name on it because when I first got my car I didn't want anything on the windows. And now it's very faded and I have a window decal for the school, so I was thinking that once I got the back of the car fix I'd just have the body shop guys throw the holder away, and all of a sudden I went HOLY COW! I was supposed to take the car in today! And it's, like 1:30 in the afternoon. So I went into panic mode (as I am wont to do) and called Bjorn to see if the other guy's insurance had called us yet about a rental car (which they had not). And I got all antsy about needing to get the car up there!

But did I turn right around and go up to the collision place? No -- I still went to Michaels (although I rushed my trip)! Am I a diehard scrapper/stamper or what! lol

Anyway, got the car turned in and went next door to rent a car and they couldn't rent me one without a credit card. I don't have a credit card. I have only debit cards. This is for the safety of our budget and our marriage. The couldn't take a debit card unless I brought with it a paycheck stub and the stub of a utility bill. I'm fifteen freakin' miles from home with no way to get ANYWHERE, and I can't rent a car. Of course, I could call my poor elderly father to come get me, but I didn't want to have to do that. So the guy and I go round and round for awhile, and I finally call Bjorn, who ends up having to drive from his work, which is also about fifteen miles or so away from the school, just so he can use his credit card to get me a friggin' car! He is a saint (my husband) no matter what else I may say about him. So now I am driving a Chevy Impala instead of my RAV4 -- and what a change! It's weird. I'm too low to the ground. I hit my knee on the steering column getting out of it at the grocery store. There are no restraints in the trunk to keep the groceries from rolling around (and it is a spacious trunk!).

However, it is more roomy than my baby RAV. And it's kinda cool looking. So I can do it for a few days. But I definitely want my RAV4 back!!

Okay, it's bedtime around here. The hubster has already toddled off, the kid is making noises in that direction, and the cats are demanding to be fed. Come to think of it, I need a snack, too!

Hope y'all have a great day whatever day it is you read this!
Various fonts on names list

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What is the site for the 30 day devotional on the Names of God? And what is the name of the Kay Arthur study?
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