Friday, March 13, 2009

A "quick" card

Um hmmm -- this is what I believe the Kiwis would call a "Tui moment" ("yeah, right"). Y'all know me. "Quick" card? Not even. Ever.

No exception here. But I did get it finished FINALLY, and have it posted now on Paper Craft Planet for the SHINE challenge for the week, so WHEW!

I decided we'd do "Praise" as the theme this week, and I like this verse a lot, so there ya go.

CS: Stampin' Up!
Watercolor paper (unkn source)
DP (unkn source)
Stamps: SU; Above the Mark; Verve; Eureka
Inks: SU "Taken With Teal"; Versamark Watermark
EP: "Stampin' Stuff" clear
Cuttlebug music embossing folder
Fiskars "Threading Water" punch
Technique: Technique Junkies "Background Smoosh Resist"

I'm not THRILLED with this card, but it's okay. It didn't turn out anything like I had imagined it would, but, hey, some days are like that. I had wanted to use some felt flowers on it, but by the time I got the bird, the embossed music and the verse on there, it was just too much. So I'll just save the flowers for something else!

I was naughty and went to Archivers today even though I had vowed I wouldn't spend another penny on scrapping supplies this week. My frugality pledge seems to have flown partway out the window. So I'm trying to bring it back, but I failed utterly today. Hey, I had a 30% off coupon that expired on the 15th, and I knew I wouldn't be back up that way again before then, so I had to use it, right? I mean, Archivers is the only place where I feel like I'm wasting something important if I don't use their coupons there (at least the ones that are pertinent to me), since they don't really have "sales". Michaels -- eh, if I miss a week, no biggie. But Archivers is ONCE A MONTH, so if I waste a coupon, that's a WASTE, KWIM?

What did I buy with it? A 12x12 pack of Basic Grey's Marrakesh paper. I really like it (except for the elephant paper -- guess I could use that for a little boy page), but at $20 for a pack, I don't really like to get the whole thing without a coupon of some kind. I also bought a few sheets of individual-sheet paper (other stuff, not the BG), the felt flowers and some adhesive refill.

So can somebody explain to me why I keep buying paper??? I have TONS of the stuff. But they keep coming out with this gorgeous/awesome/hip-cool stuff that I "have" to have! It's an addiction, like buying stamps was when I was making cards (I have managed to curb that addiction now that I'm scrapping again -- so many of the stamps just don't work for scrapping, or they're too small or something). Now the thing is paper, and, granted, paper is cheaper if you look at it piece-by-piece, but it's so easy to go in and pop off $40 for a handful of paper without even trying! (I didn't do that today, BTW, but I have in the past.) I mean, it ain't just paper anymore, KWIM? There's double-sided paper, and there's shaped paper, and there's flocked/glittered/slick-embossed paper, and there's laser-cut lace paper and laser-cut felt overlays and fancy-edged paper and shimmer paper and metallic paper and ... first thing you know you've spent your kid's first year of college tuition on stinkin' SCRAPBOOK PAPER! Is it because it touches the little girl in all of us, the paper-doll buying, coloring-book using little girls who drooled over Barbie clothes and were so heavily marketed to about fashion that even if we're not "into" fashion now (so we say), we have to have the latest scrapbook stuff? And I'm not talkin' because it's the latest, but because it is APPEALING! Heck, I should just use the stuff as wallpaper if I love it this much! Otherwise it gets cut up, stuck behind photos and journaling and stamping and whatever else and stuck in a scrapbook album to be looked at once every six months or so. Or worse yet, slapped into a file with other Gotta Have It scrapbook paper and left there for ten years until I'm searching through for something else and go, "Oh, wow -- remember when that [insert trend here] thing was all the rage and I just fell in love and had to have it? Ewwwww -- what was I thinking? THAT stuff goes in the give-away pile!" lol (Never! Never! Not my Basic Grey and my K&Co, and all the other pretties ...)

Okay, it's late and I am really getting tired. I got my baby RAV4 back today! I'm so happy! Except that I do have to take it back on Monday to get the "TOYOTA" decal put on the tire cover. Somehow they ran out of time to do that before I got it at closing time today.

And it's Spring Break next week!! Wooooo hooooo! I would LOVE to be going to New Zealand, or lots of other places, but since we're homebodies (as usual), I'm going to enjoy sleeping in and goofing off and riding my kid about spending too much time on the computer when he needs to be working on his Bible class project and his Physics one. Okay, not so much that last part (about nagging Aidan). I will be doing a lot of that, I'm sure, but I won't be enjoying it.

Happy weekend to everyone!

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Becky said...

This turned out very pretty. I know what you mean about paper, I love paper and stamps, I always have to have, :) but the past few months I have stopped buying anything, must use what I have.