Monday, March 30, 2009

Six by sixes, and an Easter card

Ha! Bet you thought you would get to see all three of those today! Well, no. Because I have to have things to show you when I'm NOT being creative, right? But I did manage to accomplish these things in the last several days, so at least I'm not just vegging in front of the computer ALL day long!

So today we'll start with a 6"x6" Favorite Photos page.

Even though you can't see Aidan's face, can you see why this is one of my favorite photos? Typical boy pose, digging around at the ocean's edge, big ol' plaid shirt on, cool hat, clunky shoes ... when you consider that my son is a TOTAL geek, these "typical" boy pictures are kinda priceless! Not that I'm the least bit ashamed of his geekiness, because I'm actually very proud of it. But it's fun to see these "all boy" pictures, since he's certainly that! He's just not a "jock" boy. (Geeks break far fewer bones in childhood!)

Anyway, this was taken on Whidbey Island in Washington State, which is where my parents lived when they were first married. My dad was in the Navy and based at the Naval station in Oak Harbor. My oldest brother was born here, and what was really cool was that we were there in Oak Harbor on his birthday! We called him from there and he was totally surprised and very pleased we'd thought of him. He'd had no idea we were going. We went because Bjorn had a business trip to Seattle, and back in those days the company he worked for sometimes paid for the wife to go along, so we paid for Aidan and took a mini-vacation to see my parents' old stomping grounds. It was a very special vacation for me. I had so much fun calling my mother every half hour and comparing notes!

Speaking of Aidan, thanks to all of you who prayed for him and his classmates and sponsors/teachers to have a safe trip over the weekend. He arrived back at school safely at 1:00 in the morning Sunday, and was so excited about it he talked all the way home. He placed third in state in the Decathlon test (basically a general-knowledge test about ancient Rome and the Latin language) and the Advanced Latin Grammar test. Plus, the Open Certamen team he was on placed first! So he was pretty psyched! Although being on the "Open" team doesn't mean they go on to Nationals, his teacher still wants to take his high school group along with the middle-school group (who actually did win first in state with the "regular," qualifying-type Certamen team) to the National Convention this summer. Aidan and his bunch can still take the tests, you don't have to qualify for those. So we may be going to Sacramento for vacation this summer! (Yes, we are going along on this one. I'm not ready to let my child fly on a plane without me yet -- I know the teachers and other sponsors would take good care of him, and he's a very responsible kid, but ever since 9/11 and the teacher and kid (or kids) who were going to some kind of national competition were killed on one of the hijacked planes, I just have this weirdness about him flying without one of us (and preferably with ME).

Still spending time digging around in my family roots. Now I'm trying to find the burial sites of two little boys who would have been my mother's uncles. They died of diptheria within just a few weeks (I think) of each other before my grandmother (their sister) was born, and my great-grandfather had a nervous breakdown over it. He moved the family to a different town in a different county and never could go back to visit their graves. So as a result, where they're buried is now lost to us. And I really would like to find their final earthly resting place so I can go there someday and pay my respects and those of my mother and grandmother (even though Granny is with them in Heaven now!) I found the death date of one of the boys, who was two years old when he died, but I can't find the other one in the Texas Death Index at all, and it should be there, same year. So someone must have either mis-transcribed the name when they made up the list, or else it got lost somehow. I'm determined to get to the bottom of it!

Well, it's getting late, and I've got things to do. I'm going to a friend's house to scrap tomorrow, and I am taking WAAAAAAAAY too much stuff, but I find that I have no idea how to pack for a crop -- I don't know which pictures I'll want to scrap ahead of time out of the stack I've picked to take; I don't know what papers I'll want; I might want some of my new punches; I'm not even going to begin to think about taking stamps, that would be TOO much; not taking any ribbon or markers; am taking some embellies, but not nearly enough to be comfortable! lol; and I decided this time to take my Cricut, which is exceedingly heavy and requires that I take the cartridges and the cutting mats (thank goodness I remembered those!), and etc., etc., etc. What I'm taking tons of is paper. ALL my K&Co pads, of which there are many. Most of my "boy" papers. ALL of my Club Scrap paper, because it is the most awesomely heavy cardstock and great for layout bases. And several small pads. I am a crazy woman. I hope Elizabeth doesn't mind me "moving in" to her craft room!!

So, off I go to tie up the day's loose ends and get ready for bed. I hope everyone has a wonderful day, whatever day you read this!

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