Thursday, March 05, 2009

A virtual scrapbook page

...because I am still on the sinus infection rollercoaster, and haven't felt up to doing anything that requires much effort all week. I am going to the allergy doc tomorrow to see what the heck is up. His nurse prac or whatever said it could involve fungus, since I've been taking so many antibiotics. Isn't that a lovely thought? Aren't you glad I shared?

So yesterday I finally gave in and made a digi-page. But it's not "in place of" a paper page. I decided that if I'm going to do the occasional digi-page, it should be something that probably wouldn't include a family-type photo, or at least not one that I intend to scrap paper-ally. I thought the "about me" type pages could be digital, if I wanted to do a digital thing. Or, as I have already done, some of the faithbooking. Really, I think digi-scrapping looks pretty cool (and you can get TONS of free kits and stuff, so it's actually cheaper), but once you get your page actually printed out, it's just 2-D, no matter how skilled you are at making it look 3-D. It's flat. And somehow that just bugs the crud out of me.

So, anyway, here's the page I finished last night:

As you may know, I LOVE the ocean ... actually, that's a huge understatement. And it's just SO WRONG that I don't live where I can go walk on a beautiful sandy beach every day of my life! Ah, well -- I do love Central Texas. Except for the allergies, and the fact that it's not New Zealand.

Here are the digital elements credits. Oh, and the photo -- it's not mine. It's one I pulled off the internet awhile back. It's -- surprise, surprise -- someplace in New Zealand. I wish I had put the photographer's name in the file name but I didn't. My apologies to him, whoever he is.

Paper: "Beach Glass" kit, Ginger Scraps designs (ScrapStreet site)
Cords: "A Touch of Japan" kit, Michelle Batton, designer (Faith Sisters site)
Glass dots: "Spontaneous Delight" kit, Carrie Stephens, designer (Shabby Princess site)
Journaling tag: "The Promise Collection", (designer unknown) (Shabby Princess)
Sand dollar: "Maritime" kit, Ronnie McCray, designer (unknown site)
Distressing on photo: Photoshop Dry Media Brushes
Alpha letters: "Shabby Mommy" kit (recolored); designer unknown (Shabby Princess site)
Fonts: Font Garden "Jayne" (journaling); Freebooter (Scripture); BahiaScript SSK (title)

Some of the kits I pulled from are new, some are a couple of years old (from my first toe-dabble in the digi-scrapping world), so that's why some of the credits are missing.

Anyway, it was fun, but my shoulders are sore (I don't have the best posture at the computer, especially when I'm hanging on the couch), and ... yeah, no great tactile experience. Still, I really like the way it turned out! And it is one I'll have printed, eventually.

Okay -- not much else to report, except that Spring has sprung here in Central Texas -- low 80s F, wind, lots of sunshine and lots of trees are blooming (we have several Mountain Laurels that are bloomed out and, while the scent of the blooms would be lovely in moderation, at this strength they just about knock you out!). Hang on, all you who are stuck in winter -- Spring will come! (Wanna borrow some?)

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Melb. said...

Oh....I really like the way this turned out. You know I am not into digital but this looks great! TFS!