Thursday, April 30, 2009

No liability ...

I just want y'all to know that I hold no liability if you fall out of your chair and injure yourself to see that I have actually blogged again! And I can't believe it's only been two weeks since my last post. It feels like at least a month.

I FINALLY got a scrapbook page done. A ... page. Of course, I'm working on another one now, so that makes me feel a little better. But here, without wasting too much of your time, is the finished one:

This is the epitome of my husband, right here in these photos. He cannot just go somewhere and relax. He's always got to be thinking, doing, learning, fidgeting. We were at the beach in San Diego over Thanksgiving and went out to just relax, go for a stroll, etc. He sees a weathered board. Now, a lot of people would ignore the weathered board. Some people would think it was interesting as a sort-of "flotsam" sort of thing. But my husband looks at the weathered board and the waves washing over it and thinks: SCIENCE!! So he picks up the weathered board and sticks it vertically into the sand so he can watch -- no, STUDY -- the physics of the waves as they swirl around the board. And not just in one place. He has to try it out in different places along the beach, in different flows of water.

So, am I making fun of him? Absolutely not! Although this personality trait drives me crazy sometimes, I think it's pretty neat. It's one of the reasons I married him, actually. He never can stop learning. "Education" is all around Bjorn, all the time. It's amazing. Just like him.

Wow, that journaling was better than what I put on the page! Maybe I'll print it out and put it on the back or something ...

So, let's see if I can remember the ingredients (it took me two weeks to finish this ... not constant working, but one day to put the papers together, stick the photos on and do the journaling, another day to print out the title and adhere it, and a third day to do the twine thing and the writing around the edge. Spread out over two weeks):
Paper -- K&Co; little scrap of SU for the journaling
Teal twine -- Club Scrap
Hemp twine -- some hardware store or other
Lacing brads -- no clue. I took them out of the packaging, poured them into a little drawer and that was the end of any credit to the company.
Marker -- SU

Yeah, so why that took two weeks ...?
Well, I've been hangin' with the ancestors, chasing tornadoes vicariously through the more-exciting lives of other people, having migraines, dealing with weird hormones, nursing a sick kid (no, not swine flu, this was before all that), going to the kid's play two days in a row -- they were TOTALLY AWESOME, BTW, and, well, I don't know what else. Just doing whatever. I had a scrapping mojo crisis, to be honest, and not only did I not want to get into the craft loft, I had a horrible "purpose crisis" and lost the plot of scrapbooking for a few days, like, why do I do this, it doesn't make sense, it's pointless, etc. Thank God (literally) I got over that!

Great news -- Bjorn finally has allowed me to get housecleaning service!!!! Had the housecleaners for the first time almost two weeks ago, it was expensive (because the first time they charge by the hour), but it was so AMAZING to have the house clean again! I felt like royalty! And even though Bjorn had to take a 20% pay cut at work (all the exec-level employees did, and the rest had to take a 10% cut), he's still allowing me to keep the service, at least for now. We have all been doing a fantastic job of keeping things nice, so when the housecleaners come back on Monday, they won't have to work so hard and maybe can get to a couple of things they didn't manage to do last time (minor stuff). Oh, the bliss! And it has actually made me want to do some of the stuff I used to hate, like putting away clean clothes (instead of just folding them and letting them pile up on the dryer), folding towels (okay, I confess I make the guys do that), keeping the kitchen clean (as in, no one will want to call the health department), etc. It's just amazing. I am so blessed. Thank You, Lord!!

We really do need the service, because I'm having major sacro-iliac joint problems in my lower back, which make it very hard to do certain things (like mop), and Bjorn, poor guy, was just diagnosed with degenerative disks in his neck, and bone spurs that are growing toward the INSIDE of his vertebrae, which is not a good thing. So he can't do a whole lot of physical stuff, either. Please pray for him. He's really upset about the diagnosis -- but he hasn't seen a neurologist or spine doc yet, just his chiro, so we don't know really what the prognosis is. He may be jumping wildly to conclusions about the degenerating quality of his life.

Well, Aidan is ready for bed, so I need to go. I hope to have another LO and blog entry for you soon ... until then, it's tornadoes (by proxy -- I don't want any near here!) and ancestors.


Tuesday, April 14, 2009

One week later ...

Sorry I haven't been posting lately! Don't know if I've been busy or lazy, but the result is the same, so I apologize.

Got caught up in virtual storm chasing (via and genealogy and who knows what all else, so I haven't been incredibly busy in the loft, but I do have a few more things to show off. Here are the last of the Easter pages:

Ingredients for both are pretty much the same -- We R Memory Keepers and K&Co papers, plus some misc. stuff. On the Easter '97 one, I was over at Elizabeth's house and had only one sheet of the WRMK DP, but needed both sides at once! So I cut out the yellow-gridded rectangle and flipped it over to put where I needed it, but there were some gaps that showed between it and the striped bits, so I had to get creative, since I wasn't at home and didn't have all my usual "stuff". I had taken my Cricut over there, so I cut out a bunch of caterpillars to put across the top (so, yeah, they don't have anything to do with Easter, but you do find them in yards), and I had my SU spiral punch along, so I did that one for a border across the bottom. I didn't manage to finish the page at Elizabeth's, though, so when I worked on it again at home, I found some SU green wide grosgrain ribbon that worked great down the vertical gap. Then I just cut out the letters and numbers with my Cricut, added a few extra touches, and it was done! (Love this simple scrapping philosophy!)

For some odd reason we don't have any egg hunt pictures from '98 or '99, so the next (and last) set was from 2000. I used the same line of papers, to keep things tied together. At first I thought the layout ended up TOO simple, but I grew to like it. I was going off a Page Maps sketch (gosh, I love Page Maps!), and they had flowers where I put the buttons. Being a boy page, I didn't want to use flowers (I know some people do, but I just can't go there), and I tried all kinds of things there -- big brads (don't try to use rub-ons on Making Memories' colored brads, they don't take), smaller brads in larger numbers ... finally settled on the buttons. I wanted some texture, so I think they served the purpose. I also really like the "stitched" border punch I got the other day from EK Success. It's not too girly or frufy for boy layouts, and I like the embossed stitching effect.

Here was my layout for the Faithbooking project week before last:

I meant to post this on Good Friday, but the day got away from me. It's digi-scrapped. I found it was actually a bit difficult to do this layout -- I had to really slow down and meditate for awhile on what the Cross really means, not just to me, but to mankind in general. I get so jaded to the story, having heard it all my life, but it is absolutely the most important, amazing love story ever! That Jesus would willingly go to the cross to die for my sins ... because He loves me! (He loves each and every one of us that much.) Blows me out of the water.

So, anyway, that gets me caught up on my scrapbooking. I still have a couple of cards to show, but I'll save that for another day (soon!).

Hope you all have a wonderful week!

Tuesday, April 07, 2009

Another Easter page!

Yes! The fun never ends! Here is the page for Aidan's 3rd Easter, which, by now, was in Arizona. Where it's, like 102 degrees in April already. (How did I ever survive that place???)

Wasn't he gosh-darn cute? Again, I ask, why do they grow up so fast? And yet, I love the age he is now, too. (Mostly) Except back then I could pick him up and cuddle him and he didn't mind, and I didn't have college and him leaving home looming on the horizon. Then it was kindergarten that was looming. Boy, I didn't know how good I had it! (Actually, I think I did.)

DP: We Are Memory Keepers (or is that "We R Memory Keepers?"); K&Co.
CS: not sure -- poss. Club Scrap or SU
Punches: Fiskars (edge); EKSuccess (photo corners)
Journaling pen: I think it's Zig (would be the same as the SU black journaler)
Cricut cartridges: Base Camp (with "Charm" function on), Jasmine

Simple page, but I like the way it turned out. I think as busy as the paper and the photos were, any more embellies than I had would have just been too much.

I got a new Cricut cartridge today -- "Life's a Beach"!! I've been wanting it since I heard it was coming out, and I finally took the plunge (no pun intended) and ordered it last week. Tons of beach/ocean/nautical images, a sort of "tiki" font, even a whole set of beach-oriented titles! I'm thinking I'm gonna love this. I hope I'll use it alot. I thought I would use "A Walk in My Garden" a lot, but I've hardly cracked it open. I'll probably use that one more when I do more "girly" pages (about me, Mom, nieces, etc.)

Hey, speaking of the subject of my Easter layout (Aidan), he got home from school yesterday and announced (well, his dad did, who had picked him up) that he'd gotten a perfect score on the National Latin Exam! This makes two years in a row! Aidan claims he should have been given a "harder" test (i.e., a level harder), but I think he was just being humble. Anyway, only a tiny percentage of the kids who take this test nationwide (like 5% or fewer) get a perfect score, so I'm pretty proud of him! And this will definitely look good on that college-app resume (especially for someone who's going to major in linguistics!)

Ack! There's that "college" word again! ;-)

Well, my aunt is still in town, and we're invited over to dinner again (lovin' this free food!), so I'd better get going. I've only got one more finished Aidan Easter page to show you (until I make more, mwuhahahahaha), so I need to get up into the loft and get to scrappin' again!

Have a good 'un!

Monday, April 06, 2009

More Easter stuff ...

Connected to a couple more old friends on a social networking site today. It's so cool to do that! These are people I haven't seen in what seems like a thousand years, and now they all have families and some of their kids are in COLLEGE ... how did we all get this old? ;-)

Okay, I have another Easter LO for today. This one is about Aidan's 2nd Easter, when we still lived in Colorado.

This is one of the layouts I made at my friend Elizabeth's house last Tuesday. Now, Connie and Andy are two people I would really love to catch up with again, but they don't live in this house anymore, or even in this town, so I've lost touch with them. I tried finding them on the social networking site, but no luck.

Pretty much the same materials as the "First Easter" one, I think. The green color isn't really that gross -- for some reason I couldn't get it to scan properly, nor could I tweak it to make it look right. I promise it's MUCH more pleasantly colored than this!

Anyway, it's been Easter-theme focus around here scrapbooking-wise lately. I have two other Aidan-oriented Easter layouts (and at least one more to do -- there are a couple of years missing from the batch of pictures, so I want to see if I can find any from those years), plus I did a faithbooking page about the Cross for the SHINE group at Paper Craft Planet. That one I digi-scrapped. Somehow most of the faithbooking ones seem more suited to digi-scrapping, for me. Don't know why.

I honestly don't have much to say tonight. I'm tired and have a teensy headache. My aunt is visiting at my folks' house and it's been fun to hang out over there and just have a three-way girl-gabfest between her, my mom and me.

OH! I do have something to brag about, though: Aidan aced the National Latin Exam again this year (perfect score)! That's two in a row now! He claims it was an easier level than he should have had, but I don't know how true that is, and anyway, he still could've screwed something up! He says next year's will undoubtedly be harder. I told him next year he will have had another whole year's worth of Latin studying under his belt. Anyway, it's a pretty big deal (this is a nationwide exam), and it will definitely look good on his college-app resume!

Okay, I've run out of things to talk about (gasp! I can see you wanting to check my temperature right now!), so I'll just leave it at this. Hope you have a great [insert time of day, day of week here]!

Saturday, April 04, 2009

Easter Card

I got a sweet blog award from my sister in Christ, Lynn!
Thank you, so much, Lynn, for thinking of me!
I'm supposed to come up with ten other people to reward, and that may take awhile, so I won't take the time to do that right now ... stay tuned for the list!

Well, I realized I had already taken a photo of the Easter card, it was sitting here in my files all the time! Now I have three Easter layouts I need to scan and stitch so I can show them to you. So much to do!!! ;-)

Here is the Easter card, without further ado:

I bought this Easter set from Club Stamp (Club Scrap) a year ago, but by the time I got it, it was too late to make cards to send (since I'm the world's biggest procrastinator), so I've saved it all the way until this year to use! And now I have a TAC Easter set that is gorgeous and I want to use it, too, but Easter has, once again, crept up on me and I will be lucky to make cards for my own family!

I don't have the card handy to look at, so let's see if I can remember the other ingredients:
DP: K&Co.
CS: SU, The Paper Company
Inks: SU, Ranger Distress
"Drops of blood": Michaels, clear, colored with permanent marker -- I think by Crayola? -- on the back
Misc: Crystal Effects glue; EKSuccess punch

Can someone explain to me why, in heaven's name, it costs almost $1000 to have your house de-termited? And we're not even talking the tent thing, here. We had a termite guy come out on Thursday to give us an estimate on how much it would cost to rid us of the colony of happy termites that live in one of our walls, and to prevent any more from moving in anywhere in the house, "guest house" and storage room, and it was that much! And the deal is, we really trust this guy and his company, and will probably go with them. They have a ten-year warranty on the chemical, as long as we pay out another $125/year (for yearly inspection). At least I think that's how that works. Anyway, it's ridiculous how much it costs to maintain a house. If I'd really thought it through, I think we would've stayed in a rental house forever. (Okay, probably not, but still ...) I hope termites don't eat cardboard boxes, because that's what we'll be living in after Bjorn retires, at the rate we're going.

Anyway, that's all for today. My aunt is up from Houston, staying at my parents' house, so we're going over there for dinner and to visit. She's a very cool lady, I love visiting with her.

Hey, great, awesome news! "Treasure Quest" -- the Discovery Channel show about Odyssey Marine Exploration, which is a company that does archaeological and commercial shipwreck exploration and recovery (old ships) -- is being renewed for a second season!!!! Wooooooooot! We just watched the last episode of the season Thursday night and were feeling so bummed, and then the announcement came out on Friday that Discovery had decided to go another season, so we (Aidan and I) are totally psyched. It won't show until ... I don't know, next spring? This fall? But we're okay, because it will probably be like this for us: Mythbusters until Fall, then Storm Chasers (for me -- Aidan doesn't like watching tornadoes, for some reason), then Treasure Quest again. *SIGH* Life is good. :-)

Okay, the kittehs are demanding their evening "treat," so off I go to acquiesce.

Happy weekend!

Wednesday, April 01, 2009

Addictive personality -- fun or trouble?

I have a confession to make -- I joined a social networking site (not going to tell you which one, since the last thing I need is a hundred people wanting to be my "friend"). And it is eating my time like my cats eat food! (This would be majorly frequently.) Not only have I found some long lost friends from my high school youth group days, the semester I spent in London, our old church in Arizona and other places (and that's the reason I joined up, and it's a very cool thing!!), but I have discovered the time wasters -- the stupid little "tests" and quizzes, the things you can send to your friends, some of which are incredibly cute and addicting. And if, like me, you have an addictive personality, it can be fun -- and it can be huge trouble because you WASTE ALL YOUR TIME!!!

BTW, if you're interested, the Strong Woman of the Bible that I am is Mary Magdalene. And which Star Wars character am I? Han Solo, of course! (that one rocked).

But I have, as I said, caught up with old friends, and that is so awesome!! Seeing their photos and the photos of their children is so cool! And I now have a very convenient way to keep up with my nieces. We never call each other, so now we actually communicate once in awhile!

So, anyway, it's a good tool when used properly. I just have to remember to be responsible and not get sucked into the time-wasting stuff. (Oh, boy, Phil Joel's "Don't Waste Your Life" song, which is all about spending too much time on video games and on social networking sites, comes raging to mind here -- "Don't waste your life, it's the only one you have." That's just part of the chorus.)

AND NOW ... on to scrapbooking! I spent all day over at my friend Elizabeth's house yesterday (well, about 5-1/2 hours), and I got two-and-a-half layouts done. She got six done in that time. Does that tell you anything about how slow I am? Of course, I do tend to put a lot more layers and stuff, but still! I haven't scanned the finished ones yet, so I can't show them to you.

However, I CAN show you the other 6"x6" Favorite Photos LO I finished over the weekend, just as I promised last post. So here it is:

This is my absolute, hands-down, ultra-mega favorite picture of Bjorn. I took this twenty years ago when we were on our London Semester (which is where I met him) and he was just a baby -- did I rob the cradle or what? lol (I'm five years older than him.) Bjorn hates this picture, complains that his hair was too long and bushy. But I LOVED his long hair! And he was so skinny then! *SIGH* Oh, for those days-gone-by. Although, back then he wasn't a Christian, so I'll take him the way he is now, thanks, grumpy mid-life crises and all. ;-)

When the photo was taken, he was over at our flat (I shared it with four other girls -- well, young women, really), doing some homework. This was the typical state of our dining table, at which we did not eat because it was always piled with stuff. Including wilting flowers! lol Bjorn's flat was right next door, but because of the very interesting way in which the building was laid out, it was down a level and a half from ours. I met him, the boy next door, literally out on the front sidewalk the day we first got to London. It was most definitely a God-thing.

So, that's really all for tonight. We spent an hour this afternoon with Aidan's college-prep counselor about all the things he needs to be doing right now towards college planning and preparing. It sounds so exciting! ... until I stop and remember that means he'll be leaving home in two years. And then I want to just sit and cry. Ah, the joys of being pre-menopausal! lol