Thursday, April 30, 2009

No liability ...

I just want y'all to know that I hold no liability if you fall out of your chair and injure yourself to see that I have actually blogged again! And I can't believe it's only been two weeks since my last post. It feels like at least a month.

I FINALLY got a scrapbook page done. A ... page. Of course, I'm working on another one now, so that makes me feel a little better. But here, without wasting too much of your time, is the finished one:

This is the epitome of my husband, right here in these photos. He cannot just go somewhere and relax. He's always got to be thinking, doing, learning, fidgeting. We were at the beach in San Diego over Thanksgiving and went out to just relax, go for a stroll, etc. He sees a weathered board. Now, a lot of people would ignore the weathered board. Some people would think it was interesting as a sort-of "flotsam" sort of thing. But my husband looks at the weathered board and the waves washing over it and thinks: SCIENCE!! So he picks up the weathered board and sticks it vertically into the sand so he can watch -- no, STUDY -- the physics of the waves as they swirl around the board. And not just in one place. He has to try it out in different places along the beach, in different flows of water.

So, am I making fun of him? Absolutely not! Although this personality trait drives me crazy sometimes, I think it's pretty neat. It's one of the reasons I married him, actually. He never can stop learning. "Education" is all around Bjorn, all the time. It's amazing. Just like him.

Wow, that journaling was better than what I put on the page! Maybe I'll print it out and put it on the back or something ...

So, let's see if I can remember the ingredients (it took me two weeks to finish this ... not constant working, but one day to put the papers together, stick the photos on and do the journaling, another day to print out the title and adhere it, and a third day to do the twine thing and the writing around the edge. Spread out over two weeks):
Paper -- K&Co; little scrap of SU for the journaling
Teal twine -- Club Scrap
Hemp twine -- some hardware store or other
Lacing brads -- no clue. I took them out of the packaging, poured them into a little drawer and that was the end of any credit to the company.
Marker -- SU

Yeah, so why that took two weeks ...?
Well, I've been hangin' with the ancestors, chasing tornadoes vicariously through the more-exciting lives of other people, having migraines, dealing with weird hormones, nursing a sick kid (no, not swine flu, this was before all that), going to the kid's play two days in a row -- they were TOTALLY AWESOME, BTW, and, well, I don't know what else. Just doing whatever. I had a scrapping mojo crisis, to be honest, and not only did I not want to get into the craft loft, I had a horrible "purpose crisis" and lost the plot of scrapbooking for a few days, like, why do I do this, it doesn't make sense, it's pointless, etc. Thank God (literally) I got over that!

Great news -- Bjorn finally has allowed me to get housecleaning service!!!! Had the housecleaners for the first time almost two weeks ago, it was expensive (because the first time they charge by the hour), but it was so AMAZING to have the house clean again! I felt like royalty! And even though Bjorn had to take a 20% pay cut at work (all the exec-level employees did, and the rest had to take a 10% cut), he's still allowing me to keep the service, at least for now. We have all been doing a fantastic job of keeping things nice, so when the housecleaners come back on Monday, they won't have to work so hard and maybe can get to a couple of things they didn't manage to do last time (minor stuff). Oh, the bliss! And it has actually made me want to do some of the stuff I used to hate, like putting away clean clothes (instead of just folding them and letting them pile up on the dryer), folding towels (okay, I confess I make the guys do that), keeping the kitchen clean (as in, no one will want to call the health department), etc. It's just amazing. I am so blessed. Thank You, Lord!!

We really do need the service, because I'm having major sacro-iliac joint problems in my lower back, which make it very hard to do certain things (like mop), and Bjorn, poor guy, was just diagnosed with degenerative disks in his neck, and bone spurs that are growing toward the INSIDE of his vertebrae, which is not a good thing. So he can't do a whole lot of physical stuff, either. Please pray for him. He's really upset about the diagnosis -- but he hasn't seen a neurologist or spine doc yet, just his chiro, so we don't know really what the prognosis is. He may be jumping wildly to conclusions about the degenerating quality of his life.

Well, Aidan is ready for bed, so I need to go. I hope to have another LO and blog entry for you soon ... until then, it's tornadoes (by proxy -- I don't want any near here!) and ancestors.


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