Sunday, July 12, 2009

OMG! OMG! ("G" being "gosh") ...

I actually got up into the craft loft tonight and FINISHED A PROJECT!! Not only that, I also personalized a card I had already made to use for my Mother's birthday tomorrow.

Maybe I should have warned you. Try not to hyperventilate. Nice, deeeeeep cleansing breaths ... lol

Well, I have been TOTALLY unmotivated, as you well know, to do anything remotely crafty for the last few months. Even for Mother's Day I just sorta whipped something out that involved no stamping whatsoever. (Well, except for the sentiments -- it was a double pocket card with tags.) Poor Bjorn and my dad had to just get store bought cards. Yes, I humbled myself and got STORE BOUGHT. I was so ashamed!

But I knew I couldn't let Mom's birthday pass without a home-made card. Regardless of how super sweet my Mom is, I know she would feel cheated with just a store-bought. Okay, maybe she'd still love me, but she deserves better. (Bjorn and Daddy do, too, but you know how it is with dads ... they have lower expectations, lol.) But I have been SO TIRED the last few days, and it's been SO FREAKIN' HOT that, even with the A/C on, it's still too warm in the loft.

Nevertheless, I trudged up there tonight to make Mom a card. And as I was putting away the small stack of things I've ordered, bought, etc. over the last few months and haven't used yet, I came across a little bag. It contained a Stampin' Up! Definitely Decorative (or whatever) catalog, my receipt from my demo's Open House a couple of weeks ago ... and TWO cards I'd made at the Open House!! Joy of joys!! All I needed to do was personalize one of them and Mom's card would be made! So here is the one I chose ... the personalization is the sentiment:

Everything is Stampin' Up!, but I couldn't tell you the name of the image set we used, since I don't own it and the catalog is waaaaaay over in the other room. The blue is one of the new In Color colors. I'm not up on the names of them this year. Eventually I will be, but not at the moment. I only ordered two of the six new In Color pads from Kathy because I just can't afford to do all six at once, like I did last year. I wanted to get paper and markers, too (MARKERS, mates! in the In Color colors!!), but decided to buy a stamp set instead, so I'll have to make the investment in all that stuff little-by-little.

While I was up there, I decided to finish the layout I started in, like, May or something. It has been staring me in the face all these weeks, so it was time to finish it off and move on!

Here it is:

I'm honestly too tired to try to remember all the supplies I used. I know there was SU cardstock and K&Co designer paper. I used the Cricut "Home Decor" cartridge (the old one, not the new one that has come out with the same name) and a couple of font cartridges. I used an EK Success border punch. I don't remember what company the flowers are by, and as for the glassy looking brads in the small flowers, those were something I received as blog candy. Can't remember the buttons' manufacturer ... Foof-a-la, maybe? I do know the ink and stamp I used (on the smaller flowers) was SU.

Anyway ... yes, I am a silly goon where my nieces and nephews are concerned. I was that way with my own kid when he was little. Heck, I'm that way with just about any little kid! They think it's fun, and that makes me happy.

It also makes me wildly happy that I SCRAPPED!!! It was FUN!! I hope to be doing it again!! Wooooooooot!!

*AHEM* Anyway, hopefully I'll have more fun stuff to show off in the NEAR future! But for now, I'm just happy I did this much!