Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Tree branches

Well, I finally finished my first "branch" page for my Family Heritage album. I sort-of randomly chose my mother's maternal grandparents for the first page. It doesn't really matter what order I go in, as most of the pages will be "stand-alone," so I could go do my parents' page or my great-great-paternal grandparents', whichever I'm in the mood for. They layouts will be basically the same -- all the maternal side ones will have the same look as this page. I'll change up the paternal side pages a little bit -- put a cluster on the upper-right-hand corner instead, and make it a little different than the "maternal" cluster. I might even choose different paper, or colorize this one to make it a tad different. I'll also probably have an entirely different look to the page for my parents.

Anyway, here is the page:

Again, it's all digi-scrapped. I used a lot of items by Diana Burton, especially her "Heritage Helpers" set. Here's the breakdown on ingredients:

All frames and bars, plus the tag frames, the "Maternal" tag and chain, the background behind the baby silhouette and the lace ribbon are from Diana Burton's "Heritage Helpers" kit (Digitals)
Bow -- Diana Burton "Helianthus" (Digitals)
Paper -- Lynn Griffin "Autumn in Paris" (Heritage Scrap)
Ribbon -- Lynn Griffin "Vintage Charm" (Heritage Scrap)
Stickpin -- Lynn Griffin "Aurora" (Heritage Scrap)
Key -- Kate McLellan "Civil War" (Heritage Scrap)
Ribbon on key (barely visible) -- Kathryn Balint "Dear Grandma Rose" (KB and Friends)
Baby silhouette -- Jesse Edwards "Silhouettes Brushes and Stamps" (Designer Digitals)
Fonts -- Edwardian Script ITC; and I don't remember which straight font I used :(

When I purchased the Heritage Helpers kit, I was an idiot and didn't order the whole combo kit that included all the papers, otherwise I would have more than likely used one from that kit. (For some reason the papers weren't offered by themselves.) However, I really do like the paper from Lynn Griffin, so it wasn't quite the end of the world.

Designing this page was a difficult, long process. First, it took me eons to pick the paper. I tried all kinds of things, even tried to stamp a large tree on velvet-looking paper to sort-of mimic the Heritage Helpers paper that I didn't get. It just didn't look all that great. I tried several others, then finally settled on the Lynn Griffin "Autumn in Paris" paper, and now I think it was absolutely the right choice. then it took me two days to design the ribbon cluster. I must have had four different iterations of the cluster, most of which just got too busy. I finally erased the whole thing and just started over, and I'm much happier with this one!

After that it was mostly just the task of finding photos, resizing frames, cutting the photos to fit the frames, attaching the bars and getting the nametags done. The nametags took a little while because I added a background (just opened a blank page, colored it with the paint fill and applied a texture), plus I also had to resize the tags to fit, which involved some cutting and pasting. Then I did all the type, and finally, FINALLY -- voila! A finished page!

Another reason it took so long is because I decided to sign up with for backup service, and it's been backing up all my chosen files for a couple of days, thus rendering PSE pretty slow.

Hope you enjoy looking, and maybe get some inspiration for your own heritage layouts. Remember -- you can copy this look on paper as well as doing it digi, so no excuses! ;-)

Saturday, September 19, 2009

More heritage stuff

Well, for some reason right now digi-scrapping has become my scrap method of choice -- NOT surpassing my love of paper/traditional, no way, but for right now I'm kinda "into" this heritage scrapping thing, and I think most of it's going to end up being digital.

So here's the next one:

These three darling girls are my dad's mother (in the middle) and two of her sisters. I just love these photos! (Of course, I just love about all of the really old photos we have.) Makes me wish I could have known them all when they were young. I did know my dad's Aunt Kate (the girl on the left), but not well. She didn't pass away until I was ten, but for some reason I just don't remember much about her.

Anyway, I have decided definitely to do a Heritage scrapbook (well, I'd always wanted to do one), and I'm forming in my little mind the way to do it. I think I'll have a big Family Tree at the beginning (probably paper scrapped, since I have some good paper, etc., from via K&Co, and you know how I love that company!), then smaller "branches" for each grouping (parents and children) on other pages, with personal pages (like this one) in between. It will be a major project, but I'm up for it. I just hope I don't do what I often do and "burn out" in the middle. To keep from doing that I'm going to plan on doing paper scrapping of other subjects, too, along the way.

Digital layout kits are like candy -- it's hard to stop (in this case collecting them). I've got some great ones for vintage-type and ancestry-type stuff, so I definitely need to make use of them!

I wish I had more photos of my Civil War soldier ancestors. I've got a great Civil War kit (did I already mention that last time? Hey -- I'm sick today so I have an excuse for being Not Of Brain).

Here are my ingredients: (Some are from REALLY OLD kits, and some have been recolored to fit my color scheme)
Oval frame: from "Shells and Angels" kit by BannerWoman
Rectangular frame: from "Civil War" kit by Kate McClellan (Heritage Scrap)
Title alpha: "Civil War" alpha, Kate McClellan (Heritage Scrap)
Bow: from "Seventies Stylin'" kit by Raspberry Road Designs
Lace: from "Natural Selection" kit by Diana Burton (Digitals)
Stick pin: from "Serenity" kit by Lynn Griffin (Heritage Scrap)
Wooden tags: unfortunately, I can't find any information on these
Pearls: from "20s Chic" kit by J Baechtold (ScrapDish)
Lace ribbon: from "Gift of Faith" by Dahlia Co. (Faith Sisters)
Flowers: from "Autumn in Paris" by Lynn Griffin (Heritage Scrap)
Background: unknown

You know, it would help a lot if digital designers would include their initials and some indication of the kit in their filenames. Yes, I have the digital stuff all categorized and tagged in PSE, but I have over 14,500 files in there, so I'm not going to go hunt it down through there. I spent over an hour trying to find the names of designers, kits and stores/websites for these elements, so I'm not going to spend any more looking for the ones that have no clue as to where they belong in their filenames. (Note to self: Write the filenames down as you go instead of having to look everything up at the end!)

Whew! So I hope you enjoyed this page. There will be more to come!

Monday, September 14, 2009

A tribute

So I was bored and surfing the digital scrapbooking sites over the weekend, snagged some freebies, even bought a couple of things, then thought -- "Wait a minute, why am I DOING this? I rarely ever digi-scrap!" And I decided maybe I'd better put some of my huge stash of digi-scrapping stuff to good use, especially since I'd actually shelled out money for some of this stuff.

So I thought -- heritage photos. I have a ton of those now and maybe rather than printing them out and paper scrapping them, I could do some in digital. Of course, this is a struggle for me, because I want to FEEL the 3-Dness of the stuff on my page, not just have it LOOK 3-D. But I broke down and did a page anyway, and I am very pleased with how it turned out!

This is my grandmother (Mom's mother) when she was 16. It's my favorite photo of her, and I wanted to do something really special to set it off. And here's what I came up with:

My grandmother was the very epitome of the Proverbs 31 Woman. If you don't know what I'm talking about, here's a link to the chapter. Start with verse 10. And keep in mind, this passage isn't something women HAVE to be, it's something to aspire to. I think my Granny did a very good job of reaching that aspiration, just by being herself. I really miss her. I was thinking today about when she was in the rehab "home" a few weeks before she died, about her struggling to walk between the parallel bars. She was a super courageous lady. Thinking about it makes my heart hurt, though, so I have to kinda slam the door on those thoughts.

Granny loved pink, roses, butterflies and hummingbirds. I couldn't figure out how to add hummingbirds without it just getting overboard, but I think she would have liked this layout a lot, although she would have disagreed with my declaration that she was a Proverbs 31 Woman!

Anyway, here are the "ingredients":
Brads: Michelle Underwood "Chocolate Soup" kit
"31": Amy Teets "Sunporch" alpha
Bkgd paper: Atomic Cupcake "Divine Damask"
DP: Raspberry Road Designs "Seventies Stylin'"
Bible verse: Eyelet's Scraps Designs "Scripture Pack 1"
Flowers: Paula Yagisawa (Dreamer Paula) "Sunday Morning"
Buds: Dyp Designs "Eastermania"
Butterflies: Ana Flor "Silk Butterflys [sic]"
Frame: Diana Burton "Heritage Helpers"
Ribbon: ScrapStreet "New Orleans Valentine"
Raffia: Thao Cosgrove "Raffia Embellishments"
"Proverbs" letters: Zee Helmick "Vintage Buttons" alpha
Font: Lettering Delights "Wedding"

As you can see, I'm no more a "one-kit" girl with digi-scrapping than I am in "real life" scrapping, lol!

So, I'm working on a paper-scrapped layout about my twin nephews. At the moment I don't like how it's turning out, but I'll go up and play with it some tomorrow and see if I can't figure out what's bothering me and fix it.

Hope everyone has a great week!

Wednesday, September 09, 2009

Good times

So I finished another layout!! That's two "biggies" and two "little uns" in a week, so far! (I think ... when did I finish the other one? My brain fails me.)

I've been home with a "broken" husband this week. He hurt his back somehow -- doesn't know exactly how or when -- and it gave out totally on Sunday evening. It's been getting a little better each day, but he's still having a lot of pain when he moves too much (adjusting position on the couch, bending, etc.) I don't know what's up -- I wish he would go to his chiropractor for it, but he doesn't want to. When I was rubbing his back today I found a little lump next to his lower spine a few inches above the pelvis. I know he's had a couple of "fatty deposit" lumps in his back, but this felt larger. So I hope it's nothing to worry about. I don't want to worry him, but I do think he should get it checked out.

Anyway, that's DEFINITELY NOT the "good times" I was referring to in my title. No, that has to do with my layout. As I was going through my "Favorite Photos" stack the other day, I ran across these three photos of me when I went overseas to spend a semester in London in 1988. So, rather than making separate 6"x6" pages of each one, I decided just to do a big 12"x12" LO with all three.

After I'd been working on it a little while, I really did not like what was happening on the page. So I decided to leave it overnight, and fortunately the next day I had fresh inspiration (pretty cool what a little "Help, God! I'm creativity challenged today!" prayer will do!). My only "complaint" about it now is that it looks like it should be a Christmas page! lol

Ingredients (if I can remember them):
Background paper: Club Scrap
Other DP: I honestly can't remember -- (it's one of those cases of individual sheets out of context and with the brand name already cut off or not on it)
Chipboard letters: Stampin' Up! ("t"); Basic Grey (all others)
Acrylic paint; clear nail polish with golden glitter in it (on the letters)
Pearls: Basic Grey
Rhinestones: something I bought at M's today
Watch face: no idea -- I've had it lurking around for years
Punch: Fiskars "Apron Lace"
Cricut cartridges: original "Home Decor" (flowers); "George & Basic Shapes" (brackets)

I think that's it. If you're dying to know about any of the "no idea" papers, I could try to find out who makes them, but some of them were kinda old, so no promises that I could find them. The red glittery paper came from Archivers last Christmas.

I made a couple of collages recently with a new collage-maker program (like I don't already have enough image-messing-about-with programs!). It was a "free download" that turned out to be a trial version, and you couldn't save or print anything without a watermark unless you bought the full version. And, of course, I didn't know this until AFTER I'd already spent ages making a collage and liking and deciding to print it. So I gave in and spent the $30 on it. Kinda a "rook", as one of my brothers used to call being gypped or scammed. But, it seems like good software, so hopefully I'll find a lot of uses for it. Anyway, I now have three collages to play with scrapping-wise, and I also have a "filmstrip" sort of thing I did in Photoshop a few weeks ago of my great-niece. That will definitely be fun to play with.

Well, it's getting late and I need to think about getting to bed. Please pray for Bjorn, if you think of it. And pray for me, too -- it totally disrupts your routine to have your husband hanging around the house all day! lol

Thursday, September 03, 2009

Wow -- I did it again!

Scrapped, I mean. Last night I started a 6"x6" layout for my "Favorite Photos" album -- basically I picked out paper, cut it and adhered the photo to it. Today I finished it up, then later went up into the loft again and made yet ANOTHER 6"x6" layout! These are so fun, although I will admit that sometimes it's daunting to come up with something creative for a page where the photo takes up most of it (most of my photos are 4"x6"). I've tried using Page Maps "Mini Maps" sketches -- they're for 8"x8" layouts, but you can reduce the size for 6"x6". Trouble is, a lot of those use more than one photo, and on a 6"x6" that can be less than satisfactory (because the photos have to be so small). Of course, it's not always true -- wallet sized photos do work okay as long as the subject is large.

So, anyway, here are the layouts:

Is not this photo the most adorable ever?!? This is my dear son thirteen years ago when he was three years old and serving as the Ring Bearer for Bjorn's brother's wedding. I honestly don't remember this moment at all, and wonder if someone else took the photo. I was a bridesmaid (matron?), and Bjorn was the Best Man, so we had my dad fly out to be Aidan's "chaperone." He may have taken the photo. Anyway, it was at this beautiful sort-of B&B/Wedding venue out in desert near Tucson, and it was just a very gorgeous, wonderful day! So here Aidan is expressing his "joy of life" as only a uninhibited three-year-old can do!

Bo-Bunny DP; Sparkly paper I got at Archiver's for Christmas last year, cut using the original Cricut "Home Decor" cart; a red glitter pen; "Freebooter" font, Verve flourish stamp with SU ink; HP printable cardstock; Nestabilities oval cutter, done with a Cuttlebug

Here's the other:

This is my mother and her great-granddaughter Rachael when Rach was somewhere in the 2-3 yr. old range (don't you love her ponytails!). This was about 2004.

Bazzill textured shimmer paper; an old kit from TAC (DP); small photo corners by K&Co; Large photo corner punch by EK Success; rhinestones from K&Co; rub-on from Stampin' Up!; Cricut original "Home Decor" cart

SO much fun! I'm glad I'm scrapping again and loving it. Unfortunately, I don't seem to be able to keep two things going at once, so my family history stuff is suffering, but I did that all summer, so it's okay.

Be back soon with more goodies! Until then -- have a good 'un!

Tuesday, September 01, 2009

I have resumed scrapping!!

Yay! Can you believe it? I actually got up into the craft loft yesterday and started a 2-page layout, then finished it today! I think we should call tomorrow a world-wide holiday and no one have to work or go to school!!

After around three months of total lack of inspiration, I hauled myself upstairs yesterday and said, hey, I'm just gonna look through some of the photos I had pulled before my hiatus and see if anything hits me. Well, I had pulled 11 photos of my sister-in-law Liv from my categorized boxes, and I thought, know what? It would be fun to do a girly page -- any paper I want, no "theme" other than girly, choices wide open. So first I picked a sketch to work off of (a Page Maps sketch from many moons ago), then I chose papers accordingly. I had to fiddle with the sketch layout a little since the sketch used 7 photos and I had 11, but I managed to come up with a satisfactory adjustment. Then I just went with it!

So here is the layout. You can click on it to see it larger.

So let's see if I can remember the ingredients:
Cardstock: Basic Grey; Stampin' Up!
Designer Paper: DoodleBug Designs (I think)
Flowers: D'know, something I picked up at Archiver's
Ribbon: the zigzag pink is SU; the brown under it I don't know
Cricut cartridge: Jasmine (y'all think I need to invest in some more Cricut alphas? lol)
Buttons: not sure, I think they're K&Co, but don't quote me on that
Journaling chipboard: Another something I picked up at Archiver's, in the "Hot Spot"

That's all, I think. Liv, I hope you like it!

I'm certainly glad I'm not a Stampin' Up! demonstrator these days. Seems like they just got informed they can't mention ANY product other than Stampin' Up! on their blogs, whether personal or business. So if they make a card, say, and use products in addition to the SU stuff, they're not allowed to give credit for the other products. Nor are they allowed to link to other pages that have non-SU products on them. I just think that's wrong. If they're so worried about their bottom line, they need to come up with new stuff and better marketing, NOT clamp down on their demos. Sounds like a lot of people are quitting as a result of this.

Anyway, no such restrictions on me, so I will continue to do whatever I darn well please with my blog!

Hopefully I'll be back in another couple of days with a new layout to show off. Until then, have a great week!