Wednesday, September 09, 2009

Good times

So I finished another layout!! That's two "biggies" and two "little uns" in a week, so far! (I think ... when did I finish the other one? My brain fails me.)

I've been home with a "broken" husband this week. He hurt his back somehow -- doesn't know exactly how or when -- and it gave out totally on Sunday evening. It's been getting a little better each day, but he's still having a lot of pain when he moves too much (adjusting position on the couch, bending, etc.) I don't know what's up -- I wish he would go to his chiropractor for it, but he doesn't want to. When I was rubbing his back today I found a little lump next to his lower spine a few inches above the pelvis. I know he's had a couple of "fatty deposit" lumps in his back, but this felt larger. So I hope it's nothing to worry about. I don't want to worry him, but I do think he should get it checked out.

Anyway, that's DEFINITELY NOT the "good times" I was referring to in my title. No, that has to do with my layout. As I was going through my "Favorite Photos" stack the other day, I ran across these three photos of me when I went overseas to spend a semester in London in 1988. So, rather than making separate 6"x6" pages of each one, I decided just to do a big 12"x12" LO with all three.

After I'd been working on it a little while, I really did not like what was happening on the page. So I decided to leave it overnight, and fortunately the next day I had fresh inspiration (pretty cool what a little "Help, God! I'm creativity challenged today!" prayer will do!). My only "complaint" about it now is that it looks like it should be a Christmas page! lol

Ingredients (if I can remember them):
Background paper: Club Scrap
Other DP: I honestly can't remember -- (it's one of those cases of individual sheets out of context and with the brand name already cut off or not on it)
Chipboard letters: Stampin' Up! ("t"); Basic Grey (all others)
Acrylic paint; clear nail polish with golden glitter in it (on the letters)
Pearls: Basic Grey
Rhinestones: something I bought at M's today
Watch face: no idea -- I've had it lurking around for years
Punch: Fiskars "Apron Lace"
Cricut cartridges: original "Home Decor" (flowers); "George & Basic Shapes" (brackets)

I think that's it. If you're dying to know about any of the "no idea" papers, I could try to find out who makes them, but some of them were kinda old, so no promises that I could find them. The red glittery paper came from Archivers last Christmas.

I made a couple of collages recently with a new collage-maker program (like I don't already have enough image-messing-about-with programs!). It was a "free download" that turned out to be a trial version, and you couldn't save or print anything without a watermark unless you bought the full version. And, of course, I didn't know this until AFTER I'd already spent ages making a collage and liking and deciding to print it. So I gave in and spent the $30 on it. Kinda a "rook", as one of my brothers used to call being gypped or scammed. But, it seems like good software, so hopefully I'll find a lot of uses for it. Anyway, I now have three collages to play with scrapping-wise, and I also have a "filmstrip" sort of thing I did in Photoshop a few weeks ago of my great-niece. That will definitely be fun to play with.

Well, it's getting late and I need to think about getting to bed. Please pray for Bjorn, if you think of it. And pray for me, too -- it totally disrupts your routine to have your husband hanging around the house all day! lol

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