Saturday, September 19, 2009

More heritage stuff

Well, for some reason right now digi-scrapping has become my scrap method of choice -- NOT surpassing my love of paper/traditional, no way, but for right now I'm kinda "into" this heritage scrapping thing, and I think most of it's going to end up being digital.

So here's the next one:

These three darling girls are my dad's mother (in the middle) and two of her sisters. I just love these photos! (Of course, I just love about all of the really old photos we have.) Makes me wish I could have known them all when they were young. I did know my dad's Aunt Kate (the girl on the left), but not well. She didn't pass away until I was ten, but for some reason I just don't remember much about her.

Anyway, I have decided definitely to do a Heritage scrapbook (well, I'd always wanted to do one), and I'm forming in my little mind the way to do it. I think I'll have a big Family Tree at the beginning (probably paper scrapped, since I have some good paper, etc., from via K&Co, and you know how I love that company!), then smaller "branches" for each grouping (parents and children) on other pages, with personal pages (like this one) in between. It will be a major project, but I'm up for it. I just hope I don't do what I often do and "burn out" in the middle. To keep from doing that I'm going to plan on doing paper scrapping of other subjects, too, along the way.

Digital layout kits are like candy -- it's hard to stop (in this case collecting them). I've got some great ones for vintage-type and ancestry-type stuff, so I definitely need to make use of them!

I wish I had more photos of my Civil War soldier ancestors. I've got a great Civil War kit (did I already mention that last time? Hey -- I'm sick today so I have an excuse for being Not Of Brain).

Here are my ingredients: (Some are from REALLY OLD kits, and some have been recolored to fit my color scheme)
Oval frame: from "Shells and Angels" kit by BannerWoman
Rectangular frame: from "Civil War" kit by Kate McClellan (Heritage Scrap)
Title alpha: "Civil War" alpha, Kate McClellan (Heritage Scrap)
Bow: from "Seventies Stylin'" kit by Raspberry Road Designs
Lace: from "Natural Selection" kit by Diana Burton (Digitals)
Stick pin: from "Serenity" kit by Lynn Griffin (Heritage Scrap)
Wooden tags: unfortunately, I can't find any information on these
Pearls: from "20s Chic" kit by J Baechtold (ScrapDish)
Lace ribbon: from "Gift of Faith" by Dahlia Co. (Faith Sisters)
Flowers: from "Autumn in Paris" by Lynn Griffin (Heritage Scrap)
Background: unknown

You know, it would help a lot if digital designers would include their initials and some indication of the kit in their filenames. Yes, I have the digital stuff all categorized and tagged in PSE, but I have over 14,500 files in there, so I'm not going to go hunt it down through there. I spent over an hour trying to find the names of designers, kits and stores/websites for these elements, so I'm not going to spend any more looking for the ones that have no clue as to where they belong in their filenames. (Note to self: Write the filenames down as you go instead of having to look everything up at the end!)

Whew! So I hope you enjoyed this page. There will be more to come!

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