Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Tree branches

Well, I finally finished my first "branch" page for my Family Heritage album. I sort-of randomly chose my mother's maternal grandparents for the first page. It doesn't really matter what order I go in, as most of the pages will be "stand-alone," so I could go do my parents' page or my great-great-paternal grandparents', whichever I'm in the mood for. They layouts will be basically the same -- all the maternal side ones will have the same look as this page. I'll change up the paternal side pages a little bit -- put a cluster on the upper-right-hand corner instead, and make it a little different than the "maternal" cluster. I might even choose different paper, or colorize this one to make it a tad different. I'll also probably have an entirely different look to the page for my parents.

Anyway, here is the page:

Again, it's all digi-scrapped. I used a lot of items by Diana Burton, especially her "Heritage Helpers" set. Here's the breakdown on ingredients:

All frames and bars, plus the tag frames, the "Maternal" tag and chain, the background behind the baby silhouette and the lace ribbon are from Diana Burton's "Heritage Helpers" kit (Digitals)
Bow -- Diana Burton "Helianthus" (Digitals)
Paper -- Lynn Griffin "Autumn in Paris" (Heritage Scrap)
Ribbon -- Lynn Griffin "Vintage Charm" (Heritage Scrap)
Stickpin -- Lynn Griffin "Aurora" (Heritage Scrap)
Key -- Kate McLellan "Civil War" (Heritage Scrap)
Ribbon on key (barely visible) -- Kathryn Balint "Dear Grandma Rose" (KB and Friends)
Baby silhouette -- Jesse Edwards "Silhouettes Brushes and Stamps" (Designer Digitals)
Fonts -- Edwardian Script ITC; and I don't remember which straight font I used :(

When I purchased the Heritage Helpers kit, I was an idiot and didn't order the whole combo kit that included all the papers, otherwise I would have more than likely used one from that kit. (For some reason the papers weren't offered by themselves.) However, I really do like the paper from Lynn Griffin, so it wasn't quite the end of the world.

Designing this page was a difficult, long process. First, it took me eons to pick the paper. I tried all kinds of things, even tried to stamp a large tree on velvet-looking paper to sort-of mimic the Heritage Helpers paper that I didn't get. It just didn't look all that great. I tried several others, then finally settled on the Lynn Griffin "Autumn in Paris" paper, and now I think it was absolutely the right choice. then it took me two days to design the ribbon cluster. I must have had four different iterations of the cluster, most of which just got too busy. I finally erased the whole thing and just started over, and I'm much happier with this one!

After that it was mostly just the task of finding photos, resizing frames, cutting the photos to fit the frames, attaching the bars and getting the nametags done. The nametags took a little while because I added a background (just opened a blank page, colored it with the paint fill and applied a texture), plus I also had to resize the tags to fit, which involved some cutting and pasting. Then I did all the type, and finally, FINALLY -- voila! A finished page!

Another reason it took so long is because I decided to sign up with for backup service, and it's been backing up all my chosen files for a couple of days, thus rendering PSE pretty slow.

Hope you enjoy looking, and maybe get some inspiration for your own heritage layouts. Remember -- you can copy this look on paper as well as doing it digi, so no excuses! ;-)

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Diana Burton said...

You did a beautiful job on this! I love your choice of background paper--you are right, it works perfectly. The beauty of digi-scrapping is the fact that you can do, undo, and redo your layouts over and over without losing your original supplies.

I originally offered the Heritage Helpers separately from the Recollections kit for those who were interested in the "tree" making elements alone. It never occurred to me that they may want to come back and get the papers. Thanks for the enlightenment! I am off to my store to add the papers as a separate offering!