Monday, October 12, 2009

Cowboy up!

(Before I start ... I lost a subscriber over the weekend. I don't know the reason, but that always worries me -- y'know, wondering what the reason was, if it was that they didn't find my blog "relevant" anymore, whatever. I know that sometimes people get overwhelmed with the number of blogs they've subscribed to -- I've even had to unsubscribe from blogs before for that very reason. But I worried that maybe it was because I'm doing so much digital scrapping and blogging about that instead of paper. So, please, keep in mind that, if you're inspired by anything I do, you can ALWAYS transfer that inspiration to paper! Just remember to please not copy my design EXACTLY; make it your own!)

Now to our not-so-regularly scheduled blogging:

In my treasure trove of family history photos, there are two of the most adorable pictures of my daddy when he was 3 years old on a pony. Clearly, it was one of those "get your picture taken looking like a real cowboy!" things -- he did not have a pony of his own, nor did he own a stetson, as far as he can remember. (He's clear on the pony part.) But the photos are so deliciously cute they absolutely HAD to go in my heritage album!

So here he is, this man who is a distinguished 78 years old now, when he was a very huggable 3 years old:

This is another one of those "God had to give me inspiration to finish it!" layouts, I will confess. I had an idea in my head what I wanted to do, and in the end it morphed considerably from the original idea. But that's okay, because I love the way it turned out!

So here are the ingredients:

Background: Valerie Randall "Buried Treasure" (Scrapgirls)
Bandana: Beth Rimmer "Bootleg Alley" (Digitals)
Sunflowers: Diana Burton "Helianthus" (Digitals)
Dried flower: Kate McLellan "Civil War" (Heritage Scrap)
Wheat stalks: Kristin's Scrap Designs "Crisp Air Sampler" (Pickleberrypop)
Star circles: Aprilthescrapaholic "Chris' Freebies" (Scrap it Sassy blog)
"Wanted" poster: Kathryn Balint "Cowboy Sam" (KB and Friends)
Nails: "Frontier Days Add-on" (Raspberry Road Designs)
"Cowboy Danny" letters: Victorian Rose Designs "Autumn" alpha (Heritage Scrap)
Font: Country Store
Bend Action (photo): Jen Caputo "Jen's Bends" (Scrapbook Graphics)

I spent the weekend rounding up (pun intended) free digiscrapping stuff (and buying some for the above layout). I found one site that was fantastic -- a French designer named Cajoline. She has the most beautiful things, and all free! And then I discovered that everything is 72ppi instead of 300ppi (which is good print quality, and most commercial kits are in 300ppi). After I'd downloaded a ton of them. So, yes, I can resize them (in PSE you can do this without losing too much quality, depending on the difference in ppi), but they won't be as usable as if they had been 300ppi to start with. Bummer that. But, what do I expect for free?

I really, really need to get back into the loft and work on a layout I had started (sorta) up there a few weeks ago. Adorable pictures of my great-niece, so I need to get them scrapped!

Well -- gotta go wake up the kid. He's home today. He was home almost all last week with some mysterious ailment (our PA figured it was probably a virus). He's doing much better today, so he got up, got showered and dressed, I got up to fix breakfast, Bjorn was, astoundingly, already up doing work on the computer. In checking the weather forecast, I discovered that today is Columbus Day. In checking the school website, I discovered there IS NO SCHOOL today! Instead of being mad, we all laughed uproariously about it. Then Bjorn went to work, I went to the couch for a nap, and Aidan ... stayed on the computer. He is now napping away (at 11am), but I need to wake him up so he can do a practice PSAT test. The test is Wednesday, and being sick has really messed up his study time for it. PLEASE pray that he does the best he can possibly do on the test (and makes accurate guesses!) -- it would be so amazingly lovely if he could win a National Merit scholarship!

Catch ya later!

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Anonymous said...

I am still here....and still love reading your blogs and seeing all your beautiful work.

Lynn M.