Thursday, October 01, 2009

North or South?

I know, my titles can be so lame sometimes! I just finished a layout (well, last night) featuring one of my great-great-great grandfathers who was in the Civil War (he was a Johnny Reb). He's not one of the ones who was a captain, but we have a photo of him with a group of CW veterans from both sides of the conflict, and I thought it was definitely worthy of scrapping. Especially since I have a digi-scrapping kit called "Civil War"! The kit is by Kate McLellan of Heritage Scrap, and it's pretty cool!

Here is the layout:

Everything is from the Civil War kit except:
Journaling tag -- Heritage Scrap design team
Red frame (around my ancestor in the picture) recolored from gold, journaling frame (with his name on it) also recolored from gold -- Diana Burton (Digitals)
Ribbon clip -- unknown
Velvet strip -- from 12x12 velvet paper by Zstampf Designs
Fraying brushes -- Erica Hite (Scrapgirls)
Fonts -- Edwardian Script, and something I can't recall the name for at the moment

It's a pretty plain page, but I'm not trying to tell J.B.'s whole story on this one. I'll do a separate page for the best of his other photos, and tell a little about him on that.

Gosh, digi-scrapping is beginning to grow on me. In fact, I've been trolling (as in what you do when you fish) sites now for Heritage or Vintage-themed kits and I'm actually PAYING for them, as opposed to mostly snagging freebies. And I've got thousands of dollars' worth of paper/traditional scrapping stuff getting dusty in my craft loft. Ah, well, I guess we go through stages. Maybe I should just sell off all my traditional scrapping stuff and stick with digital ... nah. Not yet, anyway!

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