Thursday, October 08, 2009

One nice thing about digital scrapping ...

... is that you can go back days, weeks, months later to fix something if you need/want to. As I was finishing up the fourth of my "Family Tree Branches" layouts last night, I realized that, on the second, third and fourth LOs I had put the child who was my direct ancestor in their birth order, just with a larger picture; as opposed to the first LO where I had my direct ancestor in the middle with a larger pic, even though he was out of order birth-wise. Originally I had planned to do all of them that way, but for some reason I had brain fog and did the rest of them without the ancestor being central.

SO ... I just went into the original of the first LO (the PSD file, since it still has all the layers) and rearranged the children until they were ALL in the right birth order, recopied it to .jpg and went merrily on with life! So simple (especially since I hadn't had it printed yet.) With paper I would have had to either rip the page apart and start over, or just lived with the inconsistency. (Don't worry, I still love paper scrapping!)

I will show you the Paternal side pages for my Tree Branches LOs. The reason I'm going to show you two instead of just one of them is to show you the rather striking difference in a page with only two children vs. one with about a million kids (okay, so it's not that many, but it was crowded and tough to deal with!)

Here is my dad's father's page:

No worries putting this one together! Actually, that's not true -- finding a good balance on the distance between the siblings required some effort. (Not to mention that, again, it took me four days to get an embellishment cluster I could live with!)

Now, here's my dad's mother's page:

Yeah. It took me a large chunk of a day to get this one arranged! (I don't remember when I actually started it -- sometime after lunch -- but it was late last night before I finished, and I didn't even have to do a new cluster!)

Okay, now for the ingredients/credits:
Background paper, all frames, bars and labels, "Paternal" tag and chain: Diana Burton "Heritage Helpers/Recollections" (Digitals)
Red velvet ribbon: Gunhild Storeide from her "Friday Freebies" (via
Lace: Lynn Griffin "Serenity" (Heritage Scrap)
trailing ribbons: Lynn Griffin "Vintage Charm" (Heritage Scrap) (I recolored a light orange-ish ribbon to get the dark red, then lightened that up to get the pinkish one)
flower: Jean Daugherty "The Storytellers" (Heritage Scrap) (recolored)
pocket watch: Michelle Coleman "Vintage Rag Tag" (ScrapGirls)
chain on watch: Miss Tina (individual element from Funky Playground Designs)
Fonts: Edwardian Script, Adobe Caslon Pro

So guess from what purveyor of digi goods I purchased some things today ... STAMPIN' UP!!! They have entered the world of digital scrapping and are now offering some of their designs in digital!! They actually have their own software for digiscrapping now, but since I have plenty of software for that, I just purchased the sets separately. Amazing -- I bought two stamp sets and the entire line of punches (all in digi form) for less than it would have cost me to buy ONE physical stamp set! Unfortunately right now they don't have that many sets I really want digitally (they're mostly -- or maybe all -- digi versions of actual physical stamp sets they sell). Since I'm mainly focusing on the heritage stuff, I need sets that coordinate nicely with the vintage look, and so many of the ones they're selling digitally are too hip or too modern or whatever. Or they're card sentiments, which doesn't work for me because at this stage of the game, I REFUSE to make cards digitally.

Anyway, I do think it's cool that SU is entering the 21st century, and I'm hoping that they'll release some more of the sets I would be interested in soon.

On the personal front (I didn't warn you this was a long post, did I? lol) I went to the pain management doc today and got "diagnostic" shots in my occipital nerves (the ones that go up the back of your head and over from the base of the head). The doc shot 'em with anesthesia to see if it helped with the pain (it did, and I knew it would because I've done this before), so since it did, I am scheduled to have a cryo-cauterization procedure done in about a month, to freeze the daylights out of the offending nerves and see if we can't put an end to what causes 95% of my headaches. I'm not looking forward to the procedure (even though it isn't a big deal), but I am looking forward to being mostly headache free! (Just for the records, yes, the shots did hurt, about like when you're having dentistry done and get anesthesia shots in your gums), but I lived through it!

Next thing we're going to work on is my lower back. But that's another story for another day!

I'm sure I have thousands of more things I could bore you with, but I'll let that do for now. I know you're so disappointed! lol

Have a good 'un, and happy crafting!

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Germaine Ferrao -Lenn said...

Great pages, I have been trying to do these for the past 8 years, and fretting all over simply cannot get them right! yours look so good! TFS will sure take some inspiration when I am ready... Hugs always!