Monday, November 16, 2009

Is it live? Or is it Memorex?

Or is it ACTUAL PAPER!!!??!!!

I would make you guess, but chances are you'd get it right. It is, indeed, an Actual Paper layout! One I worked on for weeks before getting it the way I liked it. Okay, I worked on it one day, then a couple of weeks later worked on it again, then a few weeks later finished it. I got digitally sidetracked, AND it was a bit of an "outside of the box" deal. Plus I didn't use a page sketch, which, in this case, made it infinitely harder.

Anyway, this is my adorable grand-niece Rachael. She was visiting her Aunt Kenni this summer and they went to see "G-Force" in 3D. Now, I had taken Rachael to see it the week before, and mean old fogey that I am, I made her turn her glasses back in. Looks like Aunty Kenni was much nicer than me! lol Anyway, I think these photos were taken outside the movie theater. I snagged 'em from Kenni's facebook page.

This new medicine I'm trying to take is making my brain buzzy at the moment (not a good thing), but I think I can remember most of the ingredients for this:
heart paper, "fabulous" title: DCWV "Rockstar" paper pack
"Dare to be Fabulous" stamp: Stampin' Up!
Everything else is stuff I got at Archivers, with little to no clue as to the manufacturer. Except that the crystals might be Basic Grey Bling.
Technique used on the "Dare to be ..." label: Technique Junkies "Cling and Scrunch"
I used a Valentine's Day mini-cupcake holder thingy for the red center of the flower (used a punch)
Pink brackets cut using a QuicKutz die in my Cuttlebug
Butterfly cut using the same paper that the "Fabulous" was on, using my Cricut "Home Something-or-other" cartridge

I may have been calling that cartridge the wrong name. I'm calling it Home Decor, but it may be a different name. They have another cartridge out that shares a very similar name, and I get confused. Mine's the older one.

So, I keep wavering about whether or not to just sell all my paper scrapping stuff now that I'm doing digi, but then I look at this page and think how cool it is that it's 3D, and I just can't do it. I know I'll do more paper stuff, so those of you who thought you might benefit from a sale of my stash -- sorry, cupcakes!

Okay, gotta run get some lunch before I pass out. Hope you have a great week!

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