Tuesday, December 08, 2009

Still secret ...

... so if you're a family member, go away now! ;-)

Here's the November page for my in-laws' 2010 calendar that I'm digi-scrapping. I LOVE this page. It's a beautiful photo of my sister-in-law, with a beautiful kit, and it just all worked together so well!

Most of the elements used are from Jean Daugherty's "Autumn Sonata" kit, found at Digizines Studio. Whatever bits I didn't use from that kit are from other Jean Daugherty kits (also found at Heritage Scrap), except for the violin (no idea where that came from ... another designer who didn't put their name on their file!); the alphabet is Glass Alpha, and I can't find the designer name (really, I would go look it all up in my PSE catalog, but it takes ages to load up PSE in the catalog mode ...)

I did a lot of resizing and some recoloring (the alpha, for example). I warped the green ribbons so they wouldn't be straight, and I created the music note buttons by using a button from a different kit, adding the notes and using an "embed" style to make them look, well, embedded. On the photo of Tasha, I used both a softening style and an inked photo style to give it a bit of "shabbiness" to go along with the vintage/shabby look of the other elements. I believe all of the styles were from ScrapGirls. Oh, and the template I used was from PageMaps. They have layered digital templates now, based on their paper templates, which I think is totally cool, even if they are $6.95/mo.

So, I really love the look of this page! This is more my style than anything else, I think.

I must be fairly serious about this digi-scrapping thing, since I just spent nearly $100 (birthday money) on a Wacom Bamboo graphics pad & electronic pen, which contains a copy of the next-to-newest version of Photoshop Elements. The newest version just came out, I believe, so this is what was already bundled with the Bamboo "Pen and Touch". It's too complicated to explain why I think I need this gadget, especially to my dear readers who don't do digi, so just trust that it was necessary, okay? ;-)

Well, the husband is finally home for the night, I'm exhausted, and so I think I will end this post now. Hope everyone is doing well and enjoying Christmas preparations!