Monday, January 25, 2010

After three tries ...

Killer headaches and weird reactions to medications don't usually make for a very productive day of scrapping, but things seemed to go in my favor today!

Well ... after several days of trying to get this layout "right," including three different iterations of it, that is.

For some reason this layout would NOT come together easily at all. I don't know if it was just my brain fritzing or what, but I tried and struggled and struggled and tried, spent hours making a pretty cluster for it, only to realize that the horizonal orientation of the cluster wouldn't really work, so then I spent more hours making a vertical one, which I very nearly chucked until God had mercy on me and I finally made a change or two that made it work. (Thank You, God!!)

I started out with a PageMaps sketch (from July), but it ended up being very different from the sketch. I'll still give 'em credit, though, since I did use a few elements from the sketch, like the bracket mat and the stitching that goes around it.

Oh -- you wanted to actually SEE the page, huh? Silly me ... here it is:

I totally fell in love with the blue and cream background paper I used (I'm turning into my mother!) It's from Jean Daugherty's "Wedding Diary" collection (I got mine at Heritage Scrap, she may also have it at DigiZines Studios). Most of the supplies are from that kit, actually. Here are the others:
Journal tag: Jean Daugherty "The Storytellers" (HS)
Wedding rings (in cluster): Jean Daugherty "Memory Box" (Digizines Studios)
Large rose: Michelle Stone Designs "Romantic Beauties" (Gotta Pixel)
Small ribbons: Lynn Griffin "Serenity" (Heritage Scrap)
Tassel: Joey "Pelemele" (blog)
Heart scatters: Studio Flergs "Pretty Little Things" (Scrapbook Graphics)
various styles from ScrapGirls
Font: Edwardian Script (I'm using it on nearly every heritage page for consistency and for tying things together -- clever of me, no?)

So, don't know what I'll be doing the rest of this evening ... possibly more scrapping, possibly reading, maybe even writing. Just depends on what turns out to be the most fun and least brain-taxing! lol

Hope your day is wonderful!

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