Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Poignant Pansy

I started a layout last night of a really cute photo of my mother when she was 8. I think it was a school portrait -- there are two versions, the b/w one I used in this layout, and a tinted one in a slightly different pose.

Since my mother loves pansies, I knew it was the perfect opportunity to use my new "Poignant Pansy" kit by Jean Daugherty of Digizines Studios. So I set to work. I tried using a template, and I hated the result I got -- I liked the template, but it just wasn't working with the papers (it had a bit of a grid feel to it). So I tried a different idea, using a big bracket-square for a background, but, again, it just didn't seem to work, it sorta overwhelmed the photo.

So then I was looking through the Faith Sisters "Made Ya Look Monday" blog for this week, and I found an inspiration. It had a central photo surrounded by all kinds of frufy stuff, very tastefully done, of course. Somehow I knew that would be a much better look for this photo. So I started all over again for a third time ... and, like they say, third time's the charm. Here is the finished product:

Isn't this a sweet picture! Gosh, I love my mom!

All supplies/ingredients/whatever-you-wanna-call-em are from Jean Daugherty's "Poignant Pansy" kit. I did do a little "messing around" with a few items. I extracted the white pansy from her pansy duo, then scaled it much smaller to use as a "scatter" element. I also made a copy and recolored it blue for a little variety, as well as extracting one of the other pansies from the background swag for the same purpose (making little, tiny scatter elements). And I copied a single pearl from the pearl swirl, shrank it and scattered it, too. And now that I think about it, I believe the mat behind the photo is actually a paper from one of Jean's other kits. The font is Calamity Jane.

I have the feeling I will be using this kit many more times, especially in layouts about my mom. I have such a bad habit of sticking with blue-and-white for her (her favorite colors, as I mentioned before), and using pansies, just like I use pink and butterflies for my grandmother, as those were her more notable Favorite Things (Granny also liked birds, especially hummingbirds).

So, even though this didn't take a terribly long time, I really like the look of it!

Today I got a Stampin' Up! mini catalog in the mail, and as I looked through it, I found myself wondering if I would ever take up physical, paper scrapping/stamping again. I hope I do, actually, because I have a ton of stuff up in that craft loft (and my guys worked hard a couple of years ago to fix it up for me). Maybe this summer when I feel better (I always seem to in the summertime.) Of course, it will be HOT up there in the summertime ...

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