Sunday, January 10, 2010

Time Traveling

First, thanks so much to all of you who left such sweet comments about my Scripture page last time. You made me feel very good, and I appreciate you taking the time to say something!

So, I bought a really cool Digi kit from ScrapGirls this weekend, called "Time Traveler," and I couldn't wait to play with it (of course, that's true of most kits I buy, but I don't always get around to them right away). I thought it would be perfect to use to make the cover of the "My Lifetime Story" challenge I'll be doing this year through Faith Sisters. I feel a little guilty that I didn't use any Faith Sisters supplies on it, but, hey, it be what it be. We were supposed to do a photo collage using pictures of ourselves at various stages in life.

So here is the cover page:

I have some of my childhood photos scanned and digitized, and my more recent photos (like from mid 2000s on up), but everything in between is film print, so I had trouble finding much of me beyond high school. I already had the Paris photo scanned, but I had to scan the one of my and my guys last night. It's probably not the best photo ever of all three of us, but I was in a hurry.

So here are the ingredients:
Papers, titles and all elements: "Time Traveler" (Brandy Murry, Kerry Veale, Caroline Kaiser -- ScrapGirls)
Photo Folds template on Senior portrait: (Theresa Kavouras -- ScrapGirls)
Photo Bends PSE action (Jen Caputo -- Scrapbook Graphics)
Scallop frame on Paris photo (recolored): "Serenity" (Lynn Griffith -- Heritage Scrap)
Inked edge on last photo: Mandy Steward (Scrap Simple Tools/styles - "Framed Ink 1801" -- ScrapGirls)
Background Blenders (Brandy Murry -- ScrapGirls) (I used two different background papers and blended them using one of these templates)
Drop Shadows: Sarah Batdorf (Scrap Simple Tools/Styles "Basic Shadows 6501" -- ScrapGirls)
Font: I think it was Birmingham Titling, but I won't swear to it. I used a "stroke" PSE style to outline it in brown so it would be more visible
Scripture: New International Version, from

I've spent some of today finishing up a couple of heritage layouts I still had not done. This means I have several to show you now, but I'll only do one today so I can spread them out:

This is a photo of my mother and two of her cousins Way Back When. My mom is the one on the right. The story goes that her cousins came over one afternoon, and the little girl, Glenda, was frufed out in a sweet little dress with a bow in her hair and patent leather shoes. My mom was in her playclothes, and when she kept hearing everybody going on and on about how cute Glenda was all decked out, Mom got very, very jealous. So when this photo was taken, Mom was fed up, cutting her eyes very spoiledly (is that a word?) at Glenda. It's hilarious! My mom is an only child, and she was always pulling something funny like this. She was notorious for "cutting her eyes" around at people and things that didn't behave the way she thought they should. (I think "cutting one's eyes" is an East Texas phrase ...) I will be quick to point out here that she was mostly a very sweet little girl, she just knew how the world should be run (and, ahem, she still does ;-) ). I'm happy to report that she got over her pout pretty quickly and she and Glenda always did, and still do, love each other very much.

So, I used blue as the basis for the layout because my mom's favorite colors are blue and white.
Page template: PageMaps digital templates
Background paper: "Days Gone By" (Jean Daugherty -- Digizines Studio)
Large-dotted paper: "Memories in Blue" (Cari Lopez -- Heritage Scrap) -- recolored
Bracket: covered in some paper or other ... I did this on the plane going to Phoenix for Christmas, and I think I altered whatever it was, so I can't find it right now.
Ribbon strips: again, I can't find them, and I can't remember
Brads: part of the template, I just recolored them
Flowers: "Blue Willow" (Lynn Griffith -- Heritage Scrap)
Bow: "Have Faith" (Teri Hanson -- Heritage Scrap)
Fonts: No clue at the moment

Wasn't that incredibly helpful? Well, in all honesty I've got sinus pain going on here and I'm not thinking incredibly well (maybe from the 3 Extra-Strength Tylenol?). "We are sorry for any inconvenience this may cause."

So, speaking of sinus pain, I'm off to bed to read for awhile then go to sleep. I've been reading a lot of Lynn Austin lately ... right now I'm reading A Woman's Place, but I think my favorites are her Civil War trilogy. She's a fantastic Christian fiction writer, and I highly recommend her books. They have romance in them, but they are NOT romance novels (I despise romance novels). The romance just happens to be part of the story, but the main gist of her stories are how people grow and change over time with hardships, extraordinary world events, etc., going on in their lives. VERY good stuff.

So, gotta run. I hope to be back soon with more of my heritage scrapping stuff!

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