Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Week 2 Scripture challenge, and other goodies

Aidan has been sick since Saturday -- nothing serious (I hope!), just a bug, and he's not as sick, but still very tired. I hate that. I really hate it when he's sick, and especially when he doesn't bounce back very quickly. When he has strep he's usually better the day after he begins the antibiotic. But, of course, with a virus you can't have antibios, and it seems to take him longer. Which makes his worry-wort mother very depressed. *SIGH* I know God is taking care of him, but I'm still a mom and I still have worry tendencies (sorry, Lord!). Plus, he has to give his Junior Thesis presentation tomorrow morning, and he's in a play at school on Friday where he has heaps of speaking parts. He missed school today, but insisted on going for rehearsal after school, and he said he made it 1-1/2 times through the play before needing to sit out. He has another LONG rehearsal after school Thursday (the dress rehearsal, to which parents are invited -- they're giving the play for the elementary school kids), then the play twice on Friday, then he's taking his first round of the SAT on Saturday! God really needs to give this kid strength! (And his mother, too!)

Okay, so maybe this week's scripture challenge is very appropriate -- the word this week is "Temptation." And I am SO tempted to worry and fret and all that when Aidan is sick. There are plenty other temptations in my life every day, too, so it's good to be reminded that God will always give us a way out, and that we need to pray to keep up our temptation-sensors, as it were.

So here's my page for this week:

I really like the Bible verse about how God does not tempt us, and that when we are tempted He always provides a way out. But I chose a different verse to highlight on my page because I think it's so important to remember, as I said, that we need to be on our guard against temptation so we'll recognize it when it comes and not just capitulate straight into sin. As far as the layout goes, I kept to my semi-artistic style and also to the 6"x6" size (because it would be ridiculous to change the size, since it's all going to fit into one album). Here are the ingredients:

Gold paper (border pattern): Amanda Thorderson "Christmas Rhapsody" [Digitals]
Red paper w/ stripe: Stacey Mann -- "Morocco Meets Modern" [Digitals]
Pattern overlay: Durin Eberhart -- "Rubber Stamps" paper template [ScrapGirls]
Mask: Joyce DeJong -- "Christmas" kit [Digitals]
Font (scripture): Lettering Delights "Adornment"
Font (title): Birmingham
Supply Tracker script for PSE: Christy VanderWall [ScrapGirls]

So, today I also finished another layout! A two-pager, no less! This was inspired by a challenge at one of the sites from whom I receive a newsletter. I have no idea which site, so I guess I won't be posting this in their gallery!

Anyway, the challenge was to scrap about our obsessions. Immediately New Zealand came to mind. And, since I got this awesome digi-scrapping kit called "Aotearoa: New Zealand" by Michelle Stone from Digital Scrap Cafe. She's a New Zealander, so her kit was, of course, a must-have for me. But since I don't live there, I had to find something else to use her kit for -- and since I WISH I lived there, I thought scrapping about that wish/obsession was a fun idea.

Here is the first page:

And the second:

Everything is from Michelle's kit (LOVE the page of Kiwi slang!! Wonder if she got that from the same website where I got one of my lists of Kiwi slang? It sure looks familiar). Except the lettering for the title and the journaling -- the font for those is Blobfont. Also, I did use a number of styles and actions, and honestly, at the moment I am way too tired to go look through and remember which ones I used. WAY. My deepest apologies if any of them belong to you. I will give you credit in future layouts, I promise! And the photos all came from "teh interwebs" as they say on I Can Has Cheezburger. Since I'm not selling anything or making a profit from using them, I hope the owners of the photos will be nice and not sue me.

If you want to read the journaling, just click on the picture and you'll go to a larger version of it.

Well, everyone has gone to bed, I have to get up early and I'm very tired, so I'm going to toddle off now. I hope everyone has a great rest of the week! (And please pray for Aidan if you wouldn't mind!)



Cherie said...

I LOVE the photo in your temptation page and the colors are so rich! Nice job!

magentals said...

beautiful page, I also prayed for Aiden. Hope he feels stronger to get thru this week. Phil. 4:13 I can do all things through Christ which strengthens me.


Patter Cross said...

Oh, I pray your little guy is doing better now, and glad the timing of the temptation study was good. God is GREAT at perfect timing. :) Love your scripture choice and page too. Have a blessed weekend!

NickelNook said...

Wow...Your Temptation page is just gorgeous! I've never tried any digital scrapping...I'm still new to regular scrapping! You do really beautiful work! I hope your little guy is all better now since it's a week later. So I will just pray he stays healthy!...Nancy :o)

Vic said...

I love the way you've used the photo of the two roads...which to choose... and it goes so well with the verse you've used also!
I'm working on my Temptation page right now :)