Saturday, April 03, 2010

Time to confess

[stick with me -- there are photos in this post!]
... I love digital scrapbooking. I mean, I REALLY love it! Which totally surprises me. I'm SO not a "techie" person. If I could live in Victorian times, I would (as long as I had a couple of servants to help me with all the hard stuff! lol). This may be why I love the new Steampunk craze. I also love the "artiste" thing about being able to FEEL the materials you're working with. But digital is amazing -- you can do so many things digitally that you can't do with paper (and the reverse is also true). Plus you can reuse the stuff you buy as much as you want to, and you can alter sizes, colors, etc. with digital. There's also the plus of storage and portability. And one thing I love -- you can get the "feel" of 3-dimensional embellishments without the bulk. (You should see the uber-bulky scrapbook I made for my Grandmother a few years ago ...! Whew! I had to design non-scrapped facing pages that used BATTING to keep the embellies from smashing or ruining the page in front! Someday I'll photograph it and show you.) If you use drop shadows properly, it's often hard to tell that what you're looking at digitally is NOT real paper. At least on the computer.

I don't think I'll ever really give up paper scrapping. As soon as I get well and start to feel better I'd like to go up into the loft and give it a shot again. But for now I'm loving digi and, sadly, yes, spending too much money on it!

Oh, BTW, I would like to thank Diana Burton of Digitals for placing a link to my blog on her blog! I am VERY flattered that she considers me worthy of such an honor! I shall endeavor to continue in that worthiness!

I have so much to post and write, but I won't try to get it all into one entry. Today I'm going to show you the layout I just completed for Patter Cross' "Triple the Scraps" 2010 Scripture word challenge. The word for this week's challenge was "Perfect." As a human being I am nowhere NEAR God's standard of perfection. But thanks to the sacrifice Christ made on the cross, and His glorious resurrection (I LOVE Easter for what it means for all humanity!), I can be made perfect in Him. It's a twofold thing -- once I accept Christ as my savior, I am made perfect in His reckoning. However, I'm not actually to that point yet in my actions, behavior, thoughts, etc. So perfection is a process, as well. It's attainable only through Him. I believe we can have moments of perfection here on this earth, but being human, they don't last long! Heaven is where we will finally be "perfectly perfected." I'm glad to know there's hope!

So here is my layout, and the verse I chose to represent this word:

The background photo for this page is one my husband took of a yellow (yes, yellow) rose a few years ago. Here's the photo unaltered:

That's a stunner all by itself, isn't it!

But it was too bright for what I wanted to do with this layout. I know the layout LOOKS simple. A photo, slap some brushes on and a verse and, voila! Right? About five minutes' worth of work? Not even.

I used one of the "Moody Photo Textures" overlays from Something Blue Studios over at CatScrap on top of the photo. (This was my final choice after trying a couple of other overlays from this and other sets. Took me 30 minutes or more just to decide on this one!) This overlay is opaque, so you couldn't see the rose. I used the "Color" layer style thingy (aren't I so technical? lol) to get the effect you see here (it makes the overlay more transparent and alters the colors). Then I made a separate layer and used Durin Eberhart's "Dynamic Brush Set: Sketched Borders" (ScrapGirls) for, yes, the borders, lowered their visibilty a bit and used Sarah Batdorf's "ScrapSimple Styles: Basic Shadows" (also ScrapGirls) on them to keep the layout from being just totally flat. I wish I could tell you where I got the Decorative Alpha brush, but I've had it for over a year and didn't keep any record of the site it came from. I tried googling it with no luck, so just know I didn't create it! After making the word "Perfect" with that brush, I then added the scripture with the "Pristina" font, and had my "Perfect" layout! ;-)

So, yeah -- you can't use overlays and morph them with real paper like you can digital. Of course, you can stamp images like the borders and the title (and the verse, for that matter), and lighten things up by stamping off first. So you could do this page as a hybrid if you altered the photo first and printed it out, then stamped on it (using StazOn, I would think).

Okay, I was going to show you another of my heritage layouts, but since this post has gone a little long, I'll save that for another day.

Healthwise, I STILL have strep. I was supposed to go to an allergist/immunologist yesterday, but he got SICK, so that's been rescheduled for Monday. I also have an appointment with an Ear, Nose, Throat doc for later this month. Hopefully I can get in earlier on someone else's cancellation. My bloodwork from last time all came out just fine, and my strep isn't anything more sinister than just plain ol' Strep A, but it's been two months now and it's REALLY getting old! Please pray that I don't have to have my tonsils out -- as far as I'm concerned that is an absolutely last-resort deal. I will not have it done unless it's the only way to keep me from dying or something! (Just google Adult Tonsillectomy and you'll understand why!)

Blessings for a blessed Easter weekend! And remember -- He is Risen! He is Risen indeed!