Thursday, July 15, 2010

Baby Granny

Well, I'm back! Just two days after my last post! Try not to faint or choke on your morning latte.

As I promised in the last post, I will now reveal to you one of the other two heritage digiscrapped pages I found in my Unfinished folder. This one is of my grandmother when she was a li'l baby. I think the pictures are hilarious, not because anything particularly funny is going on, but because it's so weird to think of my grandmother, who died at the age of 95, as ever being an actual baby. I can't imagine her ever being helpless or unable to take care of herself. (With the exception of her last days in the hospital, and we won't go there.)

Granny is the one on the left in the oval photo, on the right in the other. And, actually, something funny is going on in the oval one, or was just before it was taken. Apparently Granny had a set of keys in her hand, and had reached over and bopped her cousin Ida Lou on her head! Heee!

Here are the ingredients of the layout:
Vine: Brandy Murry, “Bees Knees” (ScrapGirls)
Papers: Doris Castle, Michelle Shefveland, “Butterfly Wings” (Cottage Arts); Cheryl McCain, “June’s Cadence”; “Divine Damask” (Atomic Cupcake)
Paper template: Syndee Nuckles “On the Edge” (ScrapGirls)
Flowers: Syndee Nuckles “Noteworthy” (ScrapGirls); Michelle Stone Designs “Romantic Beauties” (Two Little Pixels)
Butterflies: Forget-me-nots Designs, “Stories to Tell” (Heritage Scrap)
Brushes: Erica Hite “Frayed Edges” (ScrapGirls)
Frame: Diana Burton “Heritage Helpers” (Digital Scrapbook Pages) – altered using Kerry Veale’s “Intaglio 7601” style (ScrapGirls)
Tags: “Guy Thing” (Atomic Cupcake), altered using Durin Eberhart’s “Antique Paper 5101” style (ScrapGirls)
Title alpha: Nini’s Notions “Shiny Copper Alpha” (Digital Scrapbook Pages); altered
Font: Lettering Delights “LDAntique”
Scatter action: Christy VanderWall, “Scatter Things PSE 11101” (ScrapGirls)
Template: Loosely based on Kristin’s Scrap Design “Template 15” set
Styles: Mandy Steward “Framed Ink 1801” (ScrapGirls); Sarah Batdorf “Basic Shadows 6501” (SG)

I might actually start another digital family heritage page today. Or try to get caught up on my Scripture words layouts. Might. Don't get too excited. I'm waaaaaay tired this morning, so it might have to be after my post-lunch nap. (Hmmmm ... wonder if I could hurry up and have lunch, even though I had breakfast an hour ago, just so I could take that nap sooner?)

Anyway, hope you enjoy looking at this layout, and that you have a simply fabulous day!


Niki said...

So...was that your Aiden on Jeopardy! last night?? I missed the intro, so didn't catch the last name. Particularly since he did so well in the Latin category, I thought it might be your son.

If so, congrats. If not, well, still, someone named Aiden did really well on Jeopardy!, so congrats to him.

I used a card I received from you in a swap last month. Kyle was at summer camp, and I sent it to him. It was a stamp from Coronado, kids jumping into the water from a dock or pier. I think we swapped back in 2007. I was hanging on to it for just the right occasion. Kids having fun seemed the perfect image to send to Kyle at camp.

Hope things are going well and that you're feeling better.


Stacy said...

Niki, sorry I'm just getting around to commenting on your comment! lol -- We just got back from two weeks in Norway and the UK and our internet service was limited.

Anyway, no, that wasn't my Aidan, but thanks for the "just in case" congrats!

I'm glad you found such a great use for my card! Hope Kyle had a blast at summer camp!